Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekend Cave Hideout

Well, I spent the weekend in my cave, sewing away like a madwoman.  Who wants to do housework anyway?  Haha!

I've been wanting to finish this table runner since JULY - I picked it up during the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop with Mom, and even though it doesn't match anything I have, it's just cute.  During that shop hop, Mom also got this bag pattern for me - I've been trying to decide what fabric to use.

I remembered I had a few scraps of this sock monkey fabric - too cute!  I was bad and didn't cut my binding on the bias, and darn it!  I can tell how bad it is, but I guess that's what I get.  I'll just use it as is!

I didn't get much else done, but I guess it doesn't matter.  The dust and clutter will wait for me, haha!  It was relaxing to putter around in my cave with nothing else pressing.  That's what weekends are for, right?!  Now, what should I put in this bag? ...


  1. Wonderful fabrics, put to good use!

  2. A very successful weekend, I'd say! I love the runner, maybe for a cabin or a fishing son-in-law?

  3. Wonderful projects! I would start loading that bag with goodies for the tatting retreat in July. However, you may find that you need more than one bag! :-)


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