Monday, July 24, 2017

TCT Retreat!

Twin Cities Tatters First Annual Retreat is underway!  And what a beautiful retreat spot we've found.  There are 8 of us here, and we have chatted and tatted our first day away!  

We arrived late this morning, and dove right in to tatting, chatting, sharing “supplies” (Diane’s generosity was unstoppable!) and laughing a lot!  The retreat center is wonderful – even better than we had imagined!  Well-lighted craft room, huge kitchen, comfy living area, and plenty of room in the bedrooms for each of us to have our own space. 

We worked on LaCossette’s Twinkle Twinkle pattern to adorn our first annual Twin Cities Tatters retreat tatting bags – and the creativity was flowing!  I will have to take photos tomorrow of everyone’s bags.  AND Frivole ever so generously donated one of her beautiful shuttles for our first annual retreat raffle.  We jealously congratulated Heidi for winning!

I’m certain tomorrow will fly by as quickly as today with this fabulous group of women and our common love of tatting, among other crafts.  There’s so much to talk about and so many ideas to share.

I bet you wish you were here!


  1. I do wish I was there! Wonderful. Enjoy.

  2. Wow very exciting it too wish I was there :)

  3. Thanks for giving us an up-to-the-minute report! Looks like a great venue! Have fun!

  4. Isn't it a wonderful place? Have fun!

    Marlene and her daughter...

    1. Yes! What a great place - everything you could want!

  5. It was wonderful and I am delighted to have won Frivole's beautiful shuttle! I'm still glowing in the delight of the whole retreat. It couldn't have been done any better!



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