Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Crazy Life and a Dog

Crazy Life lately!  Not really, it just seems that way with everything that has been going on all summer.  We've got a new street, a new driveway, a new little camper for State Park adventures, and some new furniture.  Ruby is a little put off that she can't be on the new furniture, but she's not pushing it.  Yet.

And, speaking of Ms. Ruby, she's been looking thin lately, and when she acted as if she was dying, we discovered she had lost 8 lbs since March (which is a LOT when you only weigh 58 lbs or so.)  She also had a UTI, and once we got that cleared up, we started coaxing her to eat and working on gaining some of that weight back.  (I should have that problem!)  We've put her on a sensitive stomach dry food diet, and then tried some canned food . . . until she was actually spitting out the dry food in favor of the canned. We decided we'd go broke feeding her the canned food, and finally found the right solution - a little olive oil gives her calories, and a bit of low-sodium chicken broth adds enough flavor to her dry food so that she's eating better than ever.  So, here I am, twice a day, heating up a little broth and scientifically preparing the Queen's meals (we call them her casseroles!)  She's had some blood work, so we know her organs are all good.  This could be an irritable bowel issue, or a gastric cancer of some type.  Neither would be strange, as she is old for a boxer and has always had a sensitive stomach.  I'll be bringing her in every month to check her weight - hopefully she'll at least stay the same and not lose any more. Worries me like my kids did when they were little!

On top of all of that, I'm still tatting ice drops, buttons and pennies!  And had a garage sale that I said I'd NEVER do again.  And shouldn't have - waste of time and ended up donating most of it anyway.  However, it's quite liberating to clean out closets and PURGE!  I guess it just feels good to get things in order as summer is coming to an end - I know it won't be long until the snow flies. Maybe now I won't feel guilty spending so much time on tatting and sewing over the winter! My cave needs cleaning, but no purging - ha ha!

Oh yeah, and I have a new iPad.  The latest and greatest! So I'm getting it set up and testing out my new keyboard - hoping I can figure out how to blog more conveniently. Now if I could just get my photos coordinated with blogging on the iPad.  All these gadgets have me crazy. [Crazier, maybe?]


  1. Blogging from your iPad should be pretty straightforward if you can get your photos onto the cloud. They should then appear on the iPad. Good luck.

  2. Oh the things we do for our dogs! But they love us so much, doing these things seems the least we can do.
    Love the garag sale story, my experience too...

  3. It sounds like typical summer. Glad your puppy is feeling better and hopefully is on the way to good health. The Queen's casseroles, huh? Sounds like it could be a new product line ... whadda ya think?

    What iPad did you get? I bought one after the last meeting. Couldn't believe it -- in and out of the store in under 10 minutes after spending beaucoup bucks!! Aren't you glad your outside construction is done? I rather crave winter just so they won't be working on torn up streets!


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