Sunday, October 15, 2017

Loving Fall but Thinking Christmas

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but FALL is my absolute favorite time of year.  Sweatshirt & jeans weather, still no winter coats to lug around - and watching the leaves change color is spectacular! I wish it lasted longer, but a little rain and wind and POOF! we have bare trees for a few months.

I’ve always admired Renulek’s beautiful tatting and patterns for doilies, Easter eggs and Christmas ornaments.  I’ve tried to cover Christmas ornaments, but they just never fit right - so I purchased a couple of Renata’s patterns.  My biggest problem is figuring out which size ornament will work with which size thread! Why is this so difficult for my brain?

This pattern is beautiful, though size 20 thread requires a huge ornament.  I usually tat fairly tightly, so I’m not convinced it’s my tension.  This ball is a bit larger than 3” diameter (it never says on the dang box!) and still not large enough for the tatting to fit nicely.

The bottom piece should also be further away so the bare thread can zig zag up and down.  I’m not getting nicely rounded chains either. The pattern does call for size 20 thread, but the ornament doesn’t look this big on the pattern photo. I need to ask Renata what size ornaments she uses.

Good thing I’m thinking about this EARLY - I need to try some smaller threads and practice some more to make these beauties before Christmas!  


  1. But it’s absolutely beautiful! I wanted to see it in person yesterday but just couldn’t...

  2. It's lovely! Could you try making it in size 40 thread and see if that fits better? It is tricky to get the right size ball for a particular pattern, but the tatting is so pretty that it doesn't really matter.

  3. It turned out wonderfully! If the box doesn't say what size the ornament is, how does one measure them? If you have people who will complain that it doesn't fit correctly, it will have a welcome home on my tree. I think it's pretty!


  4. I actually prefer that the single thread does not zig-zag up and down. I like the way this turned out, with just that thin line of single thread holding the sections together. I know it's necessary in many designs to zig-zag the thread to pull the sections together; but you have created a ball that keeps people guessing as to how the tatting fits perfectly all around!

    Of course, on the bottom section (on this particular ball) you could simply put fewer knots in the chains to get the rounded look, and still keep the tightening thread straight. But this really looks great as it is!

    By the way, it's great to see your group now has 14 members!

  5. I think it's gorgeous!!!! :)
    I have the same problems with the boxes not saying what size the ornaments are. I am not very good at measuring, but I take the measuring tape and hold it in front of the ornament and make my best guess(which is easier when it's just complete inches!!).


Thanks for your thoughts - I read and appreciate every one!