Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Century Farm Reunion

This past Sunday we had a family reunion at the farm where my grandmother grew up. The farm is a century farm this year, owned now by a third generation. My grandmother came from a large farm family, and most of the kids had large families too. Which means this is a HUGE group of relatives. Huge enough that it feels funny to be at a family reunion and feel relieved to see a familiar face! They are warm and welcoming though - typical farmers.

The farm owners line the yard with their old restored tractors, and have a couple of great old cars too. It all looks so nice, and the kids love to climb on the tractors.


Hayrides through the wooded pasture, good food, beautiful sunny 80 degree weather and even live music! It was kind of funny to be listening to a band playing with a 1934 Ford and a cornfield for a backdrop.

This farm is in west central Wisconsin, where my parents both grew up on farms. On the way to the farm reunion, we pass through some very Swedish towns in Minnesota. There are about 4 cities in a row that have abundant Swedish heritage and have sister cities in Sweden. One of my grandfathers grew up in this small City of Shafer.

The route we take is through some very beautiful, hilly countryside on both sides of the St. Croix River, which is the Minnesota/Wisconsin border.

This is my favorite water tower in Lindstrom, Minnesota - how cute is that?

And there's a buffalo farm along the way too. We were lucky enough this time to see them close to the highway with their cute babies.

What an enjoyable way to spend a day!


  1. That looks like a lovely way to spend a summer's day. What a very nice heritage! :)

  2. Sounds like a nice trip. I like that water tower, too, very cute! Were those family members that were playing in the band, or were they hired to play for the reunion?

  3. Yep TattingChic - I'm a Scandihoovian through and through!

    Wanda - we are fortunate to have some musical talent in the family, so they are kind enough to entertain us for awhile. (I didn't get that gene.)