Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quilt Minnesota

The third annual Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop 2009 is on, and I just happened to grab a few fat quarters of this year's fabric last weekend. It's fun to see a fabric line made specifically with a Minnesota theme, and I thought it might be fun to make a few quick dishtowels for Christmas presents. Again. Last year, I went on a bus to "hop" to about 12 different shops, and picked up some of the 2008 fabric line, and then never got around to the dishtowels I was going to make. I always seem to do that. I have big ideas and grand plans that don't always come to fruition! I made an apron for my annual lefse making, and that was it.

Sooooo, I decided to give the tatting design portion of my brain a rest, and switch to making use of some fabric. I was able to whip up a few dishtowels and got a tablerunner almost done with this year's Minnesota fabric. I plan to bind the runner with the brown fabric.

Then I got to feeling guilty about what I had leftover of last year's fabric, and decided to use some of that too. I got another quick tablerunner top together, and have enough for one more towel. I'm not crazy about what I put together for this runner, but it's the fabric I had left. There were better fabric choices I could have used, but I think I put them in the apron. I'll bind this runner with the blue - my only choice, since it's the only fabric I have enough of!

I'm not sure if I'll use them for Christmas. I seem to have lots of ideas for Christmas gifts - tatted, quilted, sewn, etc. We'll see what I actually get done. More big ideas and grand plans . . .

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  1. Your ideas for gifts sounds great! I wish you luck on getting them done by this Christmas. I have the same problems - great ideas, then I run out of time, or energy!