Saturday, January 16, 2010

Motifs 2, 3, 4 and 5

Are we really to the middle of January already?  This past couple of weeks has flown by being back to work after all the holiday time off.  I work a flex schedule, so some weeks I work long hours, and other weeks seem more human.  After a busy week of each schedule, I'm relieved to have a long weekend with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday.  Monday is also my Dad's birthday, so I will be able to meet my folks for a birthday lunch.  I love having those government holidays off :)

I've managed to complete a few more motifs for the 25 Motif Challenge.  First, I wanted to make a little snowflake with the Altin Basak thread I got from Fox.  She sent this beautiful thread back when she helped me out with learning that "pesky final join".  The thread is such a pretty aqua color with a metallic thread in it, that I immediately thought it would be perfect for a snowflake.  And Minnesota is snow country, after all!  (And, by the way, anyone else having trouble with that pesky joining first ring to last, Ann has a great tutorial here.)

(Sorry - my photos are terrible - I really need to get my scanner connected properly again so I can try to scan my work instead.)  This is Motif #2, with Altin Basak thread size 50.  I found this thread to be soft and easily broken if I wasn't careful, so there are some nasty little spots of bunched up metallic thread where I tugged a bit too hard.  The pattern is the MHC Snowflake by Sally Magill found here with other "quick" snowflake patterns.


 I thought it would be just the right size for some small greeting cards, and decided that now might be a good time to make a few Valentines also.  So, Motif #3, #4 and #5 are hearts.

Motif #3 is made with thread I received from my coworker that she brought to me from India - crochet cotton size 20.  I tried the Peacock heart by Birgit Phelps found here.  This thread is wonderful to work with, though I still need some work on hiding those ends - especially with these variegated threads.


Motif #4 is Birgit Phelps Sweetheart pattern found here, in Lizbeth Denim Whisper size 20.  I've done this one before, and I love this pattern because it's so easy to work up, and lays so nice and flat without even blocking it.  I like the way I can really see the stitches on this one.  


Motif #5 is from the February 1988 Workbasket magazine.  I used Lizbeth thread, Red Burst, size 20.  I think I will do a couple more of these frilly little hearts - this was an easy pattern and I like the way it looks for a Valentine.

I haven't had time to work on my Gerbera Doily - hopefully I can get back to that next week, and get the final round started.   I have a hard time staying with a project that takes very long to finish without needing a diversion.  I have to take breaks and bake, sew,  or tat a small item so I can feel like I really did accomplish SOMETHING.  Ha ha.  I'm such a goof that way.  No wonder I have a million projects going.  (OK, maybe only twenty projects.) 

That Minnesota snow I mentioned is melting fast today.  It's a whopping 38 degrees F outside - unseasonably warm for January, but definitely welcome for getting the streets and driveways back to being bare.  It's great to see the bright sunshine - keeps everyone smiling!

Happy Long Weekend :)


  1. Your hearts and flake look fantastic! Woot!

    You have made a great start on your 2010 tatting (and are admittedly farther along than I am) -- keep up the great work!

  2. Beautiful tatting! You've gotten so much done! I am like you, have to have some little things going along side a big project or I begin to miss that feeling of accomplishment too much! I've had similar results also, with many UFO's circling my sewing area...

    I've shied away from using metallic threads to tat because of difficulties I had embroidering with them (even though the end result was nice). Do some work better than others? It looks as though your friend's thread also has metallic thread in it. Was it easier to work with?

    Thanks for the mention on the tutorial - boy, that made me feel good!

    :) Ann

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    Ann- Yes, the thread from India has metallic thread in it too, and seems much stronger and easier to work with than the Altin Basak. I was warned though, that the Altin Basak is a softer thread that breaks easily. I am just learning about the differences in threads as I go - I can read all I want about them, but I have to use them myself to really be able to see what others mean. My tension is not the greatest yet either - I catch myself tugging too hard to close rings.

    Your tutorial is great - I think that join is a bugger for many beginners!

  4. Your hearts and snowflake look great! I really like the look of the one in Red Burst. As you say, quick and easy and looks good on cards and such.
    One year I made quite a few snowflakes with cotton thread with a metallic thread wound through it. It was from Wal-mart, so crochet thread. The metallic kept breaking and bunching up. The end results looked pretty cool, but a real pain to work with. Haven't done much with it since. I did try a snowflake where I used DMC white and a metallic thread I bought separately and wound together on my shuttle. It worked okay, but only did the one piece so far.

  5. Hi Cindy!
    Your hearts and snowflake look great and look terrific on the cards. Great idea.

    That thread .... I know!

    Bev, "Ridgewoman", very generously sent me the whole ball, when we did an exchange a while back, last year. I had not tried that make of thread before and she sent it along.

    I love the colour, but, like you , found it to be soft and difficult to get the right tension with because of the metallic thread. You did well on the snowflake!

    I learned clunies using it. Don't ask!
    Fox : ))

    ps I have started the bonnet! : )


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