Saturday, February 20, 2010

Practice Makes Better!

Since February is not only the month of Valentines, but also American Heart Month, I decided to make another heart - this beautiful heart pattern I keep seeing on numerous blogs.  I've seen it several times, in several colors, and was so glad to see the pattern available online.  I discovered that this is probably the nicest motif I've been able to make to see the colors in a variegated thread.  Tatskool has also been using this pattern when dyeing new threads to see the colorways.

This is Susan Fuller's pattern "Heart's Desire" in Size 40 Lizbeth Carribean, for my 8th Motif of the 25-Motif Challenge. 

This is one of my favorite Lizbeth colors!

I was a little worried about trying this one, but I was pleased when I actually accomplished it.  OK, I was thrilled that I DID IT!  I think I did pretty well - I may have some squirrely joins in there, but overall it looks great.  It's so delicate.

I've also completed this bookmark - the Peacock Feather Bookmark by Wally Sosa.  I saw this last summer on Intatters, and wanted to try that pretty tail.  I'm not sure if I tatted the chains too loosely on that end or what - my tail doesn't look quite as pretty as the pattern picture. 

This one is done in Wedgewood Dark and Spring Fling Lizbeth threads size 40.  I am counting this one as Motif #9 of the 25-Motif Challenge.

I am feeling much more confident with tatting lately.  I'm trying out some patterns I have collected, and finding that Yes! I can do them.  I've looked at some of them before and just put them back on the shelf because they looked too hard and un-achievable.  It's a good feeling to be able to tackle some of these ghosts that have been haunting me.  (It may also be that I'm trying patterns more suited to my skill level, LOL!)   In any case, the dreary winter months are proving to be beneficial, and I'm getting a lot of practice in on these dark, cold evenings.

Of all the crafting I have done over the years, I think tatting is the most difficult and frustrating thing I've ever tried to learn.  However, that's what makes it so rewarding when I feel a sense of accomplishment on even the smallest of patterns.  I GET IT! 


  1. Hi Cindy!
    You did such a LOVELY job on both of these patterns! The heart is wonderful in those colors (it really is great with variegated thread isn't it) and your picots are SOOO even! Do you use a gauge of some sort or eyeball it?

    I hadn't seen the bookmark pattern before. It really is beautiful! I love the colors you chose for it and you did a fantastic job tatting it up! That tassel IS really cool!

    It is great when things start clicking along, isn't it...

    :) Ann

  2. Lovely, lovely colours and the heart is perfect.

  3. The colours you chose for that bookmark are great, and I like your tatting.

  4. That heart is gorgeous. And that bookmark is fantastic! Look at those picots! They are positively perfect.

  5. You've done such a wonderful job with both the heart and the bookmark! Love the colors and love your tatting!

    I must agree, Susan Fuller's "Heart's Desire" is by far the best design I know of for variegated threads. And how ingenious of her to design it the way she did!

    Sadly, I haven't seen any other designs of hers posted online. Would love to! Do you know of any others?

  6. Love the colours and the heart the varigated thread is sooooo lovely!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for the boost everyone! I do love that heart pattern.

    Ann - I've been 'eyeballing' the picots so far, and it seems to work. Well, sometimes anyway!

    Isdihara - I haven't seen any other patterns by Susan Fuller, but the link to the pattern shows a book that is out of publication. I've emailed her as requested there - maybe the book will be back in production in the future. I would definitely love to see more!

  8. Yes, Cindy, you certainly can! Your tatting is really lovely and your stitches are so even and consistent.

    Both of these pieces are very pretty and very accomplished looking!

    That pattern is really a bit of genius. Everyone, me included, falls in love with it and it never gets tiresome or boring. What a treat
    Fox : )

  9. The heart and the bookmark look great! I love "Heart's Desire" as well, it looks great in variegated thread. I'll bet there is a lot of patterns you could do now that just a short time ago you couldn't. Keep on trying new patterns, I'll bet you'll be surprised at what you can do!

  10. Your heart is tatted to perfection, glad that you like it too.

  11. Looks like I missed this post. Beautiful heart! Bookmark too!

  12. Hi Cindy! I can't believe I missed this post! You did a nice job on Susan Fuller's "Heart's Desire" and the colors are very pretty, too! I also like the bookmark you tatted up! So pretty! You took some nice photos, too.
    Happy Tatting!
    ~TattingChic ♥


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