Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sloppy Crochet and Spring Walks

This is my accomplishment for this week.  Two somewhat sloppy crocheted soap sacks.  (I don't really know how to crochet anything but a doily!)  But I did these for the English Major.  She is headed to the Dominican Republic soon on a student volunteer trip, and I just thought the soap savers might be handy to double as washcloths.  That is going to be the experience of a lifetime for her.  She is testing out a blog so that she can share her trip with family and friends - if you are interested, see And The Doors Opened . . .

Otherwise, we've just been enjoying every minute of sunny weather here.  In Minnesota, everything magically comes to life again in the spring.  When it gets just a bit warm - like 60 degrees F - people appear out of nowhere.  Kids are out playing, people are out walking with their dogs, and we start inspecting the gardens for any signs of green sprouts.  Haven't seen this many people out and about since about OCTOBER!  So, this past week I've been enjoying the familiar walks around the neighborhood, and exploring some nearby parks and nature trails.  Nothing much is green yet, but the sunshine sure feels good!  This is what I've been enjoying on my walks:

Neighbor horses greet us at the fence when we are out walking - as if they are enjoying seeing people out and about again too.  All that brown grass and those bare trees will be green soon.

My back yard bonfire pit . . .

Some kind of budding tree - I don't even know what it is, but the buds were so pretty . . .

These birds look sort of prehistoric, don't they?  They are either Blue Herons or Sandhill Cranes, both of which I am on a mission to get some pictures of.  (A little bit closer, hopefully.)


And my tulips are starting to bloom . . .

And this.  This is quite humorous.  Hubby designed this little sculpture to be funny.  You might not see the humor in it unless you've seen the Spoonbridge and Cherry at the center of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Finally.  Spring has sprung!


  1. I was actually going to ask you about those soap things yesterday! I had told you I had something to say but I forgot what it was. You beat me to it. They shall be great!!

  2. Oh yeah... Don't get too close to Sandhill cranes. They are vicious and will attack you if you get too close. I was told this by a person who hunts everything. Just fyi...


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