Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tatting Fool

I can't believe there is really an International Tatting Day!    A day to tat, promote the art  of tatting and eat chocolate.  And today is it. 

Well, my job prevented any tatting (I did have work to do!), and there didn't happen to be any chocolate in the candy dish in my office either.  And, enjoying the antics of some of my coworkers on this April Fool's Day was more interesting anyway.  Confetti showers via rigged traps and the usual "What is on your pants?" add some fun to the normal workday.  I love humor in the workplace - makes for good morale.  Last year someone's calculator ended up in the middle of a bowl of jello.  I like to watch, but I resist playing any tricks on anyone for fear of payback.  I've often thought of taking something for ransom and leaving a picture and a note.  Might be funny now, but not so funny next year - there is no doubt that payback would be harsh, if not swift! Not to mention that I'd probably completely forget by next year. And I am so gullible, they'd get me good. 

Anyway, back to the tatting.  I didn't participate in the expected manner, but I did pick up a few requested tatting books at the library on my lunch break.  So that I CAN tat and enjoy chocolate.  Maybe not today, but I have good intentions. 

I am a Tatting Fool, after all.


  1. Enjoy your tatting day WHENEVER you can work it in.

  2. I had baked cabbage to celebrate and have only tatted 5 minutes in the car! But I would still like to wish you...


    :) Ann

  3. I did get the chocolate but haven't tatted yet. Will probably do a little before I go to bed. I think planning the next tatting project counts (like looking at the books you just borrowed)!

  4. hee hee! I like your title!
    Happy International Tatting Day you tatting fool, you!
    ~TattingChic ♥


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