Saturday, July 24, 2010

#17 Motif for the Fair

Well, it's finally done!  I'm not so sure it is fair entry quality, but it's done and going to the fair tomorrow.  Remember, there were NO tatting entries last year, so my goal is to keep tatting out there and not lose it as a class altogether!  There may be no competition anyway.

I thought it looked pretty good as I was tatting along, but when I finally finished and blocked it this morning, I wasn't as thrilled with how my tatting looks as I think I should be to be entering it into the fair.  I'm not sure if my tatting is too tight, too loose, or if I just don't block things well.  I know that we are all our own worst critics, but I really think my beginner status is evident.

In any case,I think it is a very pretty doily with a lot of different color possibilities.  I started this way back here on January 1, and alternately put it away and took it out.  I do not like doing the separate motifs and joining them as I go - I usually tend to avoid these kinds of patterns.  I find the same thing when I crochet - I really would prefer to just do rounds.  It just seems like I'll NEVER get done. To finish this is a great accomplishment - entering it into the fair was the motivation I needed.

This was also great practice for me.  I practiced those loopers (some worked & some didn't); I really got to know the front and back of my stitches; and I really had to pay attention when I was attaching the petals of the flowers around the outside edge to be sure I was going the right direction.  For some reason, that sense of direction just eludes me.

My goal with the 25 Motif Challenge was to practice, practice, practice!  I am going to count the whole doily as #17 of the challenge, using Lizbeth jelly bean, spring green and white size 20 thread.

I have a few bookmarks still stashed, so I am going to use this one as a 2nd fair entry in the "other tatted articles" category:

So, now that I'm done with the fair doily, I should get back to my 9-patch project. But it's too nice outside!  Bike riding and deck-sitting is on my list for tomorrow after I get these fair entries turned in.  Whew.


  1. Congratulations Cindy! Both of your fair entries are BEAUTIFUL pieces, but the doily is ESPECIALLY fine! The colors you chose compliment the pattern very nicely and your tatting looks great! It is so true that we are our harshest critics because I would be SO PROUD to enter both of those pieces!
    :) Ann

  2. Conrgrats! No matter what you done a really wonderful job & should be proud of your work. I have a feeling that you will do well at the fair. Plus it's good that you want to make others aware of tatting. Can't wait to hear how you do..

  3. Well I think your doily is sure to be a winner! Love the bookmark and good luck at the Fair!!!

  4. I love that doily! I am currently trying to finish the same one...but I have to laugh...I feel just the same way about the separate motifs being tacked together. I really didn't realize this was bothering me, but I haven't worked on this project since December, and when I pulled it out the other Huh! I thought I only had THREE remaining outer motifs to do...Nope. I have SIX left to do...oh dear!!
    I must comment on your brilliant use of colour ~ this is gorgeous! I am working my doily in size 30 Cebelia, but I chose to work in white with pink 'daisies'. That is so ho-hum...I love your colours!
    Best of LUCK!!

  5. Chiming in with the others in the stunning effect of your colorful doily and bookmark! Your stitches look fine and even to me. Bellissima!

    And you will laugh when you see my best effort at a fair doily. I didn't even finish! I am turning it in (half-finished) as a coaster because that is as far along as I made it.

    Huge kudos to you for finishing your doily in time!

    As you expressed so well, I felt it was important to enter tatting in the fair to keep the category open.

    Best of luck with your entry. I have a feeling that you will do well!

  6. That doily is gorgeous! You have a good eye for color. The bookmark is sweet. Good choices and good luck!

  7. The doily is gorgeous! You are your own worst.... you know the drill! It is really pretty - congrats and good luck!

    Fox : )

  8. Both the doily and the bookmark look great! I love the colors! I'm glad you got the doily done in time for the fair. Is this the county or the state fair? Either one, I think you should do well - and show that tatting is still alive and well! Good luck!

  9. Thanks to all for your kind comments & wishes for luck - I do love the colors on both the doily and the bookmark. I think this doily lends itself to some great color combinations. Tatting is alive here, but needs a little reviving :)
    Leanna - I think pink & white would be so pretty! I hope you post it when you finish and let me know if you have a blog so I can see it.
    Wanda - entries are for my county fair. I know I've seen some beautiful tatting at the state fair, but I will have to pay attention to where the tatters are from.

  10. This doily certainly got my attention, and after checking it out I realized it's been awhile since I've read your blog!

    "WOW" to everything - including your busy (and crazy) life! I'm impressed with EVERYTHING you do! And a full-time job yet!

    Have no fear about the doily! It's gorgeous, and if the judges know anything about tatting they'll realize how much skill and work went into it! Blue ribbon all the way!!! Beautiful job and wonderful colors! The bookmark is also nicely done in pretty colors!

    Kudos to you for your determination to enter tatting in the fair! It's so important to keep an awareness of it out there!

    I could comment about many other things, but I'll keep this 'short' (LOL). However, I MUST ask about the sharp Corvette in another post! You showed the cool photo (looks like you behind the wheel!), but you don't seem to mention going to car shows as one of your many activities! Is that indeed your car?

    Good luck at the fair!

  11. Both items look great! And I love your color choices! :)
    Have fun relaxing!

  12. Cindy I love your doily. So much thought and effort in it. I hope it is a winner for you.

    Also love the way the colors come out in your bookmark.

    Good luck!!


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