Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Big Five-Oh and a Ribbon

Back to work today after the "significant" birthday days off.  I survived the big Five-Oh decorating of my office last week . . .

LOL.  The 45's were all music from my HS days, and the hat was loaded with things like laxatives, pink curlers, toilet brush, etc.  The worst were the air fresheners hanging from the hat.  "Old Car" scent!  Yuck.  Dumb me was Febreze-ing my office thinking the 45's were giving my office a little musty smell.  That got a good laugh.  The hat is now a "traveling" hat, so whoever has the next "significant" birthday gets it.

For my birthday yesterday, we rode bike around two of the popular lakes in downtown Minneapolis.  It was a beautiful, sunny day of about 83 degrees F - perfect!  Minneapolis has bike paths around the many lakes, and each lake is approximately 3 miles around.  We biked twice around one lake, once around the other.  There are beautiful flower gardens to picnic in and wander through - always busy, and many weddings are held here.  We live in a rural area, but we enjoy downtown Minneapolis for the lakes and beautiful parks.

and "Minne" the traveling lake monster was visiting one of the lakes we biked around.  

("Minne" is the Dakota word for water).  There is a website about Minne and reactions to sightings of her here.

We had a great Thai lunch downtown with the Uptown Girl, and I received a little handcarved box, larimar bracelet and a thimble from the Dominican Republic from the English Major from her recent trip to the DR.  Larimar is the beautiful stone only found in the Dominican.  

And hubby found this book from my wish list:

That was a surprise!  I keep seeing wonderful things made from this book, and have wanted it without ever seeing it.  I have been enjoying looking at the patterns and trying to decide what to try first.  So many beautiful patterns in here!  

To top it all off, someone at work told me today that my doily has received a "Grand Champion" ribbon at the fair!  How the heck does that happen without any competition?  And do I dare enter it into the state fair?

Life is good!


  1. Wooo hooo! Congratulations! Of course you should enter it in the State Fair - why not???? And happy birthday. It sounds like you had a very nice day and a wonderful surprise from the hubby as well.

  2. Yes, indeed! Enter it and throw caution to the wind! WHat have you got to lose?

    Happy, Happy.
    Fox : )

  3. ps It is REALLY pretty!
    Fox : ))

  4. I love the hat! Happy Birthday (even though I'm late.)! I'm so thrilled that your hubby got you a book off your wish list that you really wanted. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Mn with us all. It's a wonderful treat.

  5. OH YES, YOU DARE!!! Congratulations on your Grand Champion!

    Happy Birthday Cindy! Your smile in the last picture shows that life is very good! What beautiful scenery to bike around - I enjoyed your pictures, especially the flowers and friendly bunny.

    You will love Tatting With Visual Patterns (except maybe Beauty Spots, lol). I think Mary Konior's patterns are so elegant. I really enjoy working from this book.

    Have you ever seen State Fair? The one with Jeannie Crane is the best. You've got me singing, "Our State Fair is a great state fair, don't miss it, don't even be late!"

    :) Ann


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