Saturday, August 21, 2010

Split Rings & Bookmarks

When getting ready to build my stash of bookmarks, I started blog-searching for bookmark patterns that would be simple and quick - bookmarks I could finish in just one evening.  (Yes, I can actually do that now!)  One that caught my eye was this Simple Heart Pattern by Vicki Clarke.  I used Krystledawne's Be Mine HDT, size 30 cebelia.  This is motif #20 of my 25-Motif Challenge.

This pattern has a little tail of split rings and then a tassel.  I thought it seemed like it would be too short, so I added a split ring and realized I need to practice those!  My split rings are not as nice and evenly shaped as I'd like them to be, but I see how useful they can be. 

This split-ring how-to VIDEO by Linda Davies is very clear, and is what helped making a split ring really click for me. I use the second, or 'Dead Spider' method - and agree that it is easier that taking the ring off my hand to do the second half of the ring.  Next I need to learn the split-chain.

Needing more bookmarks and more split ring practice, I also remembered this Bookmark Pattern I have saved in my collection - another quick one with split rings that is easily finished while relaxing in the evening.  I have quite a stash of perle cotton of different sizes, so I also decided to do a little thread comparison. (I seem to have to make everything a learning experience . . . ) I did adjust the length of these bookmarks to my own taste, so the length isn't a true comparison. These 3 bookmarks are Motif #s 22, 23 and 24 of my 25-Motif Challenge. (Woo hoo!  I can't believe I've almost done 25 and it's only August!)

GREEN = Perle Cotton, Size 5
PINK = Perle Cotton, Size 8
BROWN = Perle Cotton, Size 12

Perle cotton thread is woven very loosely, so it splits easily when trying to pick out a mistake. (Experience speaking!)  The stitches seem to roll easily, and also appear "fuzzy" to me - not as crisp looking as the Lizbeth or cebelia threads. Size 12 is my favorite as far as the perle cotton goes, but the larger sizes work great for bookmarks too.  I like the option of having a larger threadsize to use, but it is a bit more difficult to work with.  What types of things would you use larger-size threads for?  

I have a few different sizes of Lizbeth I think I should compare now! Being the very visual learner that I am, I find that doing these comparisons really helps me to see some of things other tatters talk about from their own experiences.  I did some other thread comparisons back here.  

I have started on a simple edging to add to some fabric for a centerpiece for my kitchen table.  I haven't done much with edgings before, so I'm trying to make that a learning experience too!  Adding an edging to fabric for a centerpiece takes waaaay less time than a doily :)  And my spare time is limited.  Well, at least until winter hits and we hibernate from the cold instead of the heat and humidity!


  1. Blue Bird,
    Your split rings look amazing! Your way of comparing the string sizes is a super one. So you can see plus show others the size of threads make things different sizes. That's cool too!

  2. All of your bookmarks are beautiful! I really need to practice split rings some more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Very nice looking bookmarks! :)

  4. Great looking bookmarks!

    I don't like the larger threads as they get used up to fast in the shuttle!
    Fox : )

  5. Your bookmarks are pretty. Thank you for the link to the patterns. I wanted to make this too but cannot recall where to get the pattern.

  6. You did a great job on the simple heart. I'm always excited when someone uses my pattern. I find that split rings tend to tilt so you did pretty good to have the bookmark pattern come out straight.


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