Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Hibernation!

I hibernate without guilt when it gets like this outside.  By "this", I mean 90-degree temps and high humidity - the kind of weather that takes your breath away and makes you sweat just standing still.  Ugh.  I don't feel guilty staying indoors - in the air-conditioning - and working on sewing or tatting projects.   I'm not a water-sports/boating fan like a good Minnesotan should be!

This summer hibernation has allowed me to get a couple of tatted bookmarks added to my stash, and I've got a start on a tatted edging to make a small centerpiece for the kitchen table.  Pictures will have to wait for another day.

The English Major has finally had some time to start adding her journal thoughts to her blog from her 5-week trip to the Dominican Republic.  She has gotten a summary version of the first couple of weeks entered so far - if anyone is interested in reading a bit more about her experiences there, see her blog "And the Doors Opened".  Her life-altering experiences will be forever burned in her memory, and I don't think the emotions can really be put into words.  My troubles seem so incredibly minor in comparison - and the poorest of poor people that the English Major encountered were so very content with so little.  We could all learn from their happy outlook! 

And I am extra grateful to have an air-conditioned home.  I was surprised to learn that the majority of hotels in the Dominican Republic don't have A/C!  


  1. I hibernate in this weather also! I had a lovely day filled with tatting, Internet surfing, and chatting on the phone... no guilt here!

  2. I HAVEN'T been hibernating (not officially anyway) because the two oldest have band camp and I keep having to go pick them up and drop them off. My body is out there driving around, but my brain is hibernating (the crafty part anyway). It isn't until 9:00 at night that I feel cooled down enough to REALLY think and plan, hence my late commenting hour!

    :) Ann

  3. Your daughter's journal is captivating! I have to go back and really read it when I have more time. She sounds like a really lovely young woman!

    I do not hibernate. I sweat. No air at work, in my rust-bucket car or in my apartment. Needless to say, this has been the worst summer that I can remember as far as humidity and high temperatures. Bad.

    The good thing is, I love Autumn and I will really, really welcome winter (which I do not usually have good feelings about as I do not ski!) with great glee this year!

    Oh yah - the heat is a great weight maintenance programme!
    Skinny Fox : )

  4. I know all about hibernating, too. Our weather has been the same as yours and, yes, I sweat just standing still, too. And I'm getting a lot of tatting done, also. And congratulations on your tatting awards!


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