Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Bookmarks and Comparisons

The "Stumpy" bookmark has shown up in several places online lately, so I had to have some for my stash.   I first used one of my favorite Lizbeth colors - "Carribean" in size 40.  That one looked a bit small, so I tried the Lizbeth "Jelly Bean" in size 20 next to see the difference.   

I used a size 10 cebelia from my bin of thread for the third one.  Quite a difference in size of the finished bookmark - I'm not sure that the size 40 Lizbeth makes a large enough one  for my taste with this particular pattern.    

Now I should probably go read so I can get my book back to the library on time!


  1. All three bookmarks are beautiful! I like your comparison of the three sizes of thread. For length, the size 10 seems much more useful. However, for thickness between the pages of a book, I prefer the size 40. If you like the way Stumpy works up, you might like Carol Lepard's Tatted Clover bookmark. It has similar design elements, but it's longer.

  2. It sounds almost rude to say, but I LOVE your Stumpies!
    ♥ Fox : )

  3. I'd be happy with the size 40 too, but all look good and serve different tastes.

  4. Your bookmarks look great! Love the color choices!
    And the smaller ones could be great for kids books. :)

  5. Dear Correct Bluebird,

    YOUR English Major needs one.

    Open Doors


  6. Thanks all :)

    Diane - I think I have done Carol Lepard's Tatted Clover bookmark too - I should try that one in the size 40.

    Open Doors - glad you see it my way!


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