Sunday, September 19, 2010

SCMR Success!

I FINALLY did it!  The Self-Closing Mock Ring. The elusive SCMR is now in my small cache of techniques.  With a little of my natural stubbornness, and this great invention called the internet, I've completed my first SCMR.  (OK, a lot of my natural stubbornness was necessary.)

Since I have a thing about bookmarks, I have been wanting to make Jane Eborall's Flowery SCMR Bookmark for a long time.  I kept setting this one aside to do once I learned that technique, and while looking for another bookmark pattern to make I finally decided to make myself sit down and learn this once and for all.

I have looked at the written instructions here by The Shuttle Brothers, but being such a visual learner, this video on YouTube by Anne B of Nuperelle made the technique really begin to click for me.

The biggest "Aha!" moment for me in this bookmark pattern was figuring out that the extra loop you make at the beginning of your SCMR is made from the thread coming from the shuttle, and you tat your chain stitches and the rings as usual until closing the SCMR.  I had to start over a couple of times when the ring wouldn't close, so it took a few tries to be able to see it.  At least this is true for this particular pattern - I think it will get easier to see as I continue with this bookmark.

I'm just excited to have another technique figured out so I can actually make some of the patterns I've been avoiding!  Now, to figure out those joins on split rings.  They don't look so hot.


  1. Congratulations!

    I love that you have overcome that unavoidable, foot-dragging we all seem to do when approaching a new technique.

    With this one, I have had to go back and re-learn it a few times because I did not use it right away.

    You have tatted the pattern that I have always meant to when I go back to this little trick. I am so proud of you!

    I think I will have to see if I can still do this...

    Funny - the verification word is... retat!!!

    Fox : )

  2. Congratulations! I've read the Shuttle Brothers' books, but haven't had the patience to sit and figure everything out. I think I should check out Anne's site so that I can add this technique to my list of can-dos!

  3. Hi,
    Your tatting is lovely. I too have made Jane's flower bookmark which I struggled with to start but it's a very nice pattern. I think I will go back and make one now I've seen yours. So useful to know the SCMR. I particularly like your thread, that's not vineyard harvest, is it?

  4. I learned from the Shuttle Brothers printout but I sometimes still have to go back and see where to pick up the loop. Actually, I think they show two ways and I don't want to confuse anyone including myself so I'll stop there. LOL! Good for you! I have a little vintage corner you might want to try out sometime.

  5. Ah, the poor much maligned SCMR!!!! It's strange that it gives so much trouble to learners when it's really only a chain with rings thrown off!!! If I could only think of a better way to explain/draw it then I would. As a new learner of the technique have you any suggestions?

  6. Thanks ladies! It's not so bad when you put a stubborn mind to it :)

    Joelle - the thread is Lizbeth Jelly Bean and Spring Green. I'm anxious to see how the bookmark looks all done!

    Jane - Since everyone learns so differently, I'm not sure what is best. I am a very visual learner. It helps me to know which thread (and coming from where?) that I need to use, but it helps me to "see" it with a video or pictures. I can see that these things become natural after a little experience, so I know it must be difficult to explain for each learning style!

  7. Your bookmark is looking good! Congrats on mastering the new technique. I've used it a few times but haven't lately so I'll probably have to go back and review before I use it again.

  8. Congratulations! Can't wait to see the finished bookmark! :)


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