Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Need . . . more . . . hours . . .

Still working on a bag to go with my new tatting press:

Still decoupaging shuttles, this time with paper napkins:

Still practicing techniques:

But have finished not one thing to the end!  I still need to spray the sealer on those shuttles.  That's the way some weeks go.  Hhhhmmmpppphh.

The good news is, I have a new tatting friend.  A LOCAL one!  And she's just as interested in getting a tatting group started here in Minneapolis as I am.  We are working together to organize a group of tatters and set up a gathering of the shuttles.  Thanks Michelle! 

My original intention was to get a group together to share techniques, teach and learn with one another, and promote tatting in general.  Now that we have a few people interested, how do we proceed?  What to do first?  It's going to be fun to meet some other tatters and see what their expectations and ideas are.  Wish us luck!

The leaves are falling - soon the branches will be bare - and the cold weather will set in.  We Minnesotans know this routine!  On with enjoying our beautiful fall weather while it lasts.


  1. I don't know if I'm brave enough to try decoupaging with napkins! Yours are beautiful! I would love to sit down with you and see your technique. Yours look so much more finished than mine.

  2. You new blinged shuttles are lovely and I love the colours of Autumn we dont get those brilliant colours here in Queensland Australia. And I wish you luck with your new tatting group!

  3. And I'm just as thrilled to have found you!!!

    Where do you find such beautiful napkins?

  4. Keep us informed of getting the group organized - get to the Central Iowa Tatter's Guild a few times a year and I know how it is to visit with tatters in person. May try to visit if I ever get to the Twin Cities. Thanks - Robert Kent in northern Iowa (Algona). (rjkent at netamumail dot com)

  5. You certainly are keeping busy! Your shuttles look great - I'm going to try today if I can find an empty shuttle (!) I hope it looks even close to as good as yours.

    I'm glad you found someone to tat with. I'd seen your posts about trying to get a group started and would love to join you but I think the commute would be a bit of a problem: )

    You have some lovely fall colors. It hasn't quite got cold enough here. The leaves are turning brown due to lack of rain though.Not nearly as pretty.

  6. Of course you are all welcome to visit our new group when you're in town - come and visit!

  7. Oh, look at your decoupaged shuttles! I love them! I also loved all your comments on my blog!!! Don't worry I just published the one! ;) ♥


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