Monday, October 25, 2010

A Snowflake, A Shuttle and A Fight

A Snowflake
I'm starting my 2nd 25-Motif Challenge with a snowflake  - just in time for our first forecasted snowfall on Wednesday.  I hate it when it snows in October!  I noticed I got a little carried away with the picots as I went  - I started out pretty reasonable, but apparently I was going for "fluffy" snow.  I did this in plain old white cebelia size 20.  I know colored threads are pretty, but snowflakes just seem like they should be white.

Motif #1
Snowflake #2 from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments
edited by Barbara Foster

A Shuttle
The best part was that I got to try out my recent splurge.  I've been wanting a shuttle from the Shuttle Shop, and I finally broke down and got the latest design in tulipwood.  Is this beautiful or what?  I enjoyed testing it out - it's very smooth and nice to tat with.  My first custom shuttle, I'm afraid, could lead to an addiction.

A Fight
I finally got back to working on the bag to match my tatting press over the weekend.  The bag and I got into a little disagreement.  OK, a fight.  Twice.  Quite frustrating to sew the bag shut and not realize it until trying to turn it right side out.  And then sewing up the handles completely confused me and made me momentarily crazy.  But, the seam ripper came to the rescue and we ironed out our differences after I slowed down and thought about what I was doing.  I'm such a dough-head sometimes.  This is the Project Grab Bag pattern I found HERE.  I thought this was a great bag for various projects - the looped handle makes the bag close well enough to avoid dumping things out, yet has enough extra loop to hold onto or hang on a doorknob. Finally done and ready to fill with a project or two.  I may have to make another one of these.

Oh yeah - and as long as I have a press with a matching bag, it was only fitting to make a matching shuttle too.  Right? 


  1. Lovely post about your gorgoeus snowflake, lovely shuttles and what a cute bag.

    I just wanted to let you know that tatting with your fabric decoupaged shuttle is a breeze. I love the extra cushion the it gives with the fabric. May I ask what varnish you used over the fabric?

  2. Love the shuttle! Your picture has made me want to cave and try this new tatters' obsession with decorating the shuttle!
    Fox : )

  3. Snow already? We just have a tornado watch... I'd much rather have snow than high winds. However, I do prefer tatted snowflakes to the real thing... less mess... yours is beautiful!

    I am seriously addicted to Chris's shuttles, and Tulip wood is my favorite. I wonder if mine will arrive today?

    I am going to try the fabric decoupage soon. I wonder where my fabric stash is? : )

  4. Wow! You've been busy! Yes, Chris's shuttles become addictive and I've decided that I have more than enough. Don't ask. I've been trying to find time to decoupage some shuttles but it's getting away from me - just like now, I should be getting ready for work!

  5. Your "fluffy" snowflake looks very good - I like that pattern. I heard about your forecast today and don't envy you. We are expecting our first freeze here in a couple of days - cold enough for me!
    That is a beautiful shuttle you picked out - I have a couple from there - love 'em!
    I like the bag - I wish I could sew well enough to make one. If you fought with it I would hate to see what happened if I tried! And of course you should have a matching shuttle! Looks like a keeper!

  6. Just discovered your blog and your work is great! The pics of the park you went to are beautiful! Talking about flat country: OURS is flat, Holland, come and see! It is so nice to see what people all over the world make. Have tried to connect as follower, but it did not work, will try later. Love the snowflake, but only the tatted one. With the falling of the first snowflake, our country is immediately unbalanced: public transportation a mess, etc. We are just not used to it!


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