Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let it Snow!

 I'm starting on snowflakes just in time - we had our first winter storm warning today, and have a sloppy 8 inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground.  Fortunately it's not a weekday, so the roads should be cleaned up by Monday morning's rush hour.

Motif #2 of my 2nd 25-Motif Challenge
Snowflake #4
Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments
Lizbeth Caribbean, Size 40

Significant Snowfall #1 of 2010
in Minnesota

There were a lot of cars in the ditch, but we still managed to meet for our first tatting get-together of the Twin Cities TattersAt least there are two of us interested in sharing techniques and proving that the lost art has been found!  We will be meeting the 2nd Saturday of the month beginning in January, and will always be prepared to teach beginners that want to learn, along with focusing on a specific technique.  If you are interested in joining us, email us at twincitiestatters (at) gmail (dot) com.  Today we accomplished a couple of butterflies for our business cards and enjoyed a lot of good conversation.  Snowbound in a coffee shop sounds pretty Minnesotan, doesn't it?

And, I forgot to post these bookmarks I finished for the Tatting Forums 'One-Bookmark-a-Month' Challenge.  I will count these as Motifs #3 and #4 of my 2nd 25-Motif Challenge:

Motif #3
Lizbeth Mocha Swirl and Mocha Brown, Size 40

Motif #4
Lizbeth Mountain Breeze and Off-White from the stash, Size 20


Next week begins the mad holiday rush at our house.  The men in the family go deer hunting in Wisconsin over Thanksgiving week.  My Mom comes to stay, and we shop and eat and visit and eat and shop and laugh and shop some more.  We get a start on the Christmas shopping and making our Christmas lefse, and we'll be sewing and tatting.  And so the season begins!


  1. These motifs are beautiful. Particularly your two-by-two bookmark.

  2. Ha! Ha! Snowflakes in the Caribbean thread... that sent me chuckling! I wonder if there's any chance at all of them ever seeing snow? I guess that's something I'll have to research. : )

    Lucky you... snow! We had drizzle all day long. Daughter Joanne was down for a baby shower. She was very disappointed that she was missing the first significant snow fall.

    I'll be shooting you an email... I want to be a Twin Cities Tatter, even though my chances of making meetings on a regular basis are very slim!

    I love those bookmarks! That reminds me... I'm falling behind. Maybe it's time to get back to tatting!

  3. That Mountain Breeze bookmark is gorgeous!

    You have been busy - and so have your dreadful weather systems! I am cringing here in Canada as I know it is coming...
    Fox : )

  4. The two by two is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Nice work!

  5. A Happy Bluebird,
    I love your snowflakes! They are much better then all the white ones coming down outside your place. Alot more colorful! Your bookmarks are very lovely too.

  6. Hi Cindy!
    Your tatted snowflake is pretty as are your en masse, real deal flakes! I thought of you this morning when my husband told me it snowed up there.

    Congratulations on forming your tatting group! I like your cards - that's a great idea.

    The bookmarks are great, Jon's Two-by-Two is especially striking. That is a new thread to me - I must be overlooking it on Handy Hands. It's very pretty!

    It's wonderful you have so much to look forward to over Thanksgiving - sounds SO nice!

    :) Ann

  7. Your snowflake is pretty, and your bookmarks are awesome! :)

  8. I love your snowflake, it looks good in Caribbean! The bookmarks are pretty striking as well. We had snow here the other day, too, it even made the grass white for a few minutes, then it melted. They say we're going to have pretty cold weather here on Thanksgiving but no moisture.
    Enjoy your time with the family. Sounds like fun.


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