Friday, May 20, 2011

A Great Find

My Mom happened across this great tatting find, and snapped it up for me. I rarely see any tatting in antique shops, and certainly none as wonderful as this set. When I unrolled this, I couldn't believe it!  The set is beautiful, and is hours of someone's embroidery and tatting. 

The tatting is with teeny-tiny thread, and lays nice and flat.  I have not tried tatting with anything smaller than size 40 thread, so this is just amazing to me.  I can barely see the stitches with my bifocals! 

What a great find!  I just don't know where to put it. Other than framing, any good ideas on how to display beautiful linens?

Since I showed winter photos into April, here are some spring shots - finally! 

The tulips that didn't get eaten by the deer:

Clouds during a thunderstorm/tornado warning last night:

And an Oriole arrived today.
They don't stay long, but they are beautiful to see and have a beautiful song:


  1. Those linens are beautiful. It makes me a little sad sometimes to find things that way...I found a sack of lovely crochet doilies at a thrift store here a few weeks ago, just all crammed together. Made me wonder who cared so little for all of that beautiful work that it just went to a thrift store...I just hope that won't be my work someday...but I do like to find it and bring it home to care for and enjoy :-)

  2. Ohhh, that photo of the oriole is breathtaking! Excellent use of light. I had to laugh... my very first thought was to wonder how he got that grapefruit (they eat THAT??)
    up onto the branch!

    Do deer really eat tulips? Who would have guessed!

    The linens are simply exquisite. Under glass? I never did see the point in that. Like saving china 'for good'. When are you supposed to use or enjoy these things? After you are dead, perhaps! Use it I say!Worst thing that can happen is that it will get - gasp - dirty!

    You are a pro with that camera, as well as your shuttle!
    Fox : )

  3. Oh, the antique set is just gorgous. Agree with Fox, find a way to enjoy it. And the oriole: NEVER ever seen such a bird before. Really did not know it existed. Beautiful..
    Seeing your tulips is funny! We have had so much warm weather that tulips in our garden are gone already, just wheelbarrowed loads of dead tulip leaves away.. Love your pics!

  4. thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures and that tatting is gorgeous!!!

  5. I am jealous of your superb find! what a treasure indeed!!!

  6. Great find!!

    On another note, I saw a yellow throat and several toehees in the back yard this week. I really love the birds!

  7. That is a beautiful set! Enjoy it! :)

  8. The embroidered clothes are so beautiful. It seems a shame to frame them where they'd be under glass and you couldn't touch those lovely threads and textures. Hope you find a creative way to show them off.

  9. Lovely find on the linens. Do you have any dressers or tables that need a little dressing up? My sister has a couple of tables that she changes out every season (she's so organized!).
    Nice picture of the Oriole.


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