Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm not sure why I was keeping these, but it was hard to finally decide to take them apart.  Silly to keep them, I know, but they were kind of cute.

A craft project of sorts.  My aunt gave them to me with some other hankies that had crocheted edges - she just knows I like these things, so she saves them for me.

For each parasol, there was a hanky wrapped around a pencil for the handle.  Then one hanky for the parasol part, stuffed with rolled up kleenex/toilet paper for filling.  The edges were pinned tightly into the hanky handle around the stuffed areas.  The tip had a little thread wrapped around it, and one of them had a ribbon handle. Very simple and cute!  I can only wonder if they were made for something special or just a cute little craft.

With all of the hanky tatting I've been seeing lately, I couldn't resist taking these apart to be able to see the hankies!  
I was happy to find them in good condition, and washed and ironed them up.  The only color for edging that seems appropriate to me is RED. Now I just need to find some spare time to tat some edges :)


  1. Hmmm, the red border on the hankies does suggest a red edging, but seeing all the edgings lately one thing has become clear to me -- the color that you choose for the edging causes all instances of that color to recede (become less noticeable) in the completed project.

    So ask yourself, do you want the red to stand out (as it does now) or blend in?

    I think I would lean toward a white edging with red beads, but that is because FOX did this so effectively with her "Lily of the Valley" border: Still Hankering

    I will be interested in seeing if my working theory holds true in your case or if you prove it wrong!

  2. Good point, Isdihara. Maybe I should try one hanky with a red edging and one with white thread/red beads? Might take me forever and a day but that could be a fun experiment! Fox is such inspiration :)

  3. How about the blue? or blue beads?

    I love the hankies, they have beautiful patterns!

  4. The parasols were cute, but the hankies are so much prettier! What fun you're going to have!


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