Monday, May 30, 2011


I am making progress on the Mary Konior Flowerpiece doily.  The pattern seems pretty straightforward and easy to follow - and I think I'm getting more confident in my tatting ability.

I was concerned that I couldn't get the chains very even, so I tried to be very conscious of my tension.  Improvement is always possible, but I am pretty happy with how the chains look.

The only thing I really wish I would have done is put Jane's "blipless join" to use on the chains. I don't like seeing those little blips!  Otherwise, I'm really quite thrilled at how this doily is looking.  And I do like the look of ecru thread with a color accent :) 

Being successful at a doily that I truly think looks nice and neat really makes me much more interested in trying more patterns. I really recognize the new confidence when I find myself saying "I should have" or "it would look better if".  Doily patterns are not looking so daunting anymore.

Next is a hanky edging - with beads!  I am forcing myself to finish this doily before starting anything else, however.  I really don't like having too many unfinished projects waiting for me - it's just too overwhelming!


  1. your doily looks very nice Cindy.
    great pairing of threads
    and you chains look very good

  2. Your work is so lovely and consistent. I love the colors too!

  3. The doily is looking great! I think it's so hard to get chains to look consistent so I'm really impressed at how well you've done!

    I think once the doily is done and you've blocked it, the blips won't seem like such a big deal. You might have to put it away for awhile to see that though.

  4. Your doily is looking great! I really like the colors you've chosen. I agree with Gina... I don't think you'll notice the blips when it's completed. Beautifully done!

  5. Good for you, Cindy!

    You are realizing that you are much more proficient at this tatting gig than you imagined! WE knew that , but now you get it, too!

    The doily is very pretty - one I have yet to try. Live the colours you used, as well.

    Me too - I am a one or two at the most project kinda gal! Otherwise, I get anxious!
    Fox : )

  6. Your doily is looking really nice! :)

  7. I love how you used the ecru and mountain breeze colours together. It is going to be gorgeous.

  8. That is turning out so beautiful! I have looked at that pattern in the book so often and thought that it was probably too much for me . . . but maybe not. I have hankies to tat edgings for first, then maybe . . .

  9. Beautiful work! I am working on this same doily right now. But I am not to the chains yet, so your comment on the blipless joins comes at the right time for me! Thanks for sharing! Happy tatting!

  10. Hi Cindy,

    Came over to have a look at your blog after you left a comment on my Stawasz doily (thank you!). I hope you are carrying on with this Mary Konior doily? It's looking really good. I do like that shade of Lizbeth which I haven't tried. Look forward to seeing your finished doily.


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