Thursday, June 2, 2011

Handmade Tags

Since I usually make many things to give away as gifts, my daughter suggested I start putting tags in these handmade things.  The idea sort of inspired me, but I really don't make things for recognition, or to have a business. 

Still, the thought intrigued me, and what the heck?  It shows I put my heart into making something.  Besides, why not?  It gives each item a little extra flair :)

I started looking on Etsy for tags, (I LOVE Etsy) but then I thought, "hey, dum-dum, you make everything else, why not make your own?"  Besides, it would be a little more cost-effective, since I'm not doing it for business purposes. 

Easy-peasy.  Get some transfer paper to run through your printer and buy some twill tape by the yard.  Set up a Word document to print columns of whatever you want your tag to say, and print - remembering to print the MIRROR IMAGE. Iron onto the twill and Voila!  Tags for your handmade items.  Now I need to figure out some kind of tag for tatted items, since clearly I will not be adding this kind of tag!

So then I had an offer for FREE business cards.  (The F-word that gets me every time.)  So I thought again - why not?  I put my blog address and my email on them.  What for, I'm not sure, but they're fun to have.  

  What will I do with 250 business cards? 


  1. I love your twill tags... what a great idea! Free business cards... encourage 250 people to learn to tat, of course!

  2. Fantastic job with the handmade tags, Cindy. I once used a self inked rubber stamp on fabric and cut out my own tag for small projects. I don't know how water resistant it is but I just ironed it for extra measure. Anyway the items I tagged were not going into the wash. I was also contemplating using the sewing machine to sew on some text and designs. Have not tried that yet. Your idea seems much easier.

  3. Kudos! very easy and excellent idea! it gives that special little touch to a hand made project, thanks for sharing :)

  4. The "hand made" tags are a great idea. My Mom used to order some with her name on them, and my sister had some done that said "made by Mommy"(when her children were small). I love your business cards! As suggested by Diane, give them to people that are interested in your tatting, even if you give them one from the Twin City Tatters as well. I don't know if businesses do it there, but here they sometimes have fishbowls where you put in your business cards for a chance in a drawing for free meal or service once a week or month. Now you have something to put in for your chance!

  5. Love the tags and great cards! Sure, show them to 250 people... great way to edu-tat!
    Fox : )


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