Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Tea, No Wine, No Tatting

I missed tatting on Tuesday with Tea, on Wednesday with Wine, and on Thursday, Friday and today.  I actually accomplished some other things though.

I made a batch of Strawberry Rhubarb jam.

I did a little sewing.

 I spent some time with a cute 2-year old.

And I made a little humorous art when the bathroom toilet had to be replaced. [Imagine questioning look from hubby when I said, "Wait!  Don't throw that out!"]
It adds some color to the edge of the vegetable garden :)

I did some planting to brighten up the deck.

And added some color in the yard until the perennials start blooming.

And I finally accomplished some weeding.  Which is still not done.

But the weeding is never done.  Yuck.  I put the weeding off as long as I can. 
Weeds are easier to pull when they're a foot tall anyway. 

And tonite we'll watch some fireworks over the Mississippi River during the annual Father Hennepin Festival.  Father Hennepin crossed the river here in 1680, and was captured by Sioux Indians.  The area was settled as the City of Champlin, and they celebrate each year with this 3-day festival.  Father Hennepin was a priest and explorer who explored the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.  He brought Niagara Falls to world attention, and our own St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis - which are the only waterfalls on the Mississippi River.

And that's why I STILL have not completed my doily. 
Soon.  Very soon.


  1. I was born in International Falls, and still have family up in Minn and ND. I really wish I could find rhubarb down here (with or without strawberries). I bought a root when I visited Dena in Idaho, but I dont know if it will survive here - no others have. So, by my reckoning, if you made strawberry rhubarb jam, you are excused from All other responsibilities. (especially weeding)

  2. Great job with recycling the commode! I recycled a strainer to the flower garden this year but have yet to put flowers in it. Just bought some today but when I get to it...who knows?

    Love strawberry rhubarb jam! I used to have some rhubarb plants and strawberry plants but they've gone by the wayside. I enjoyed your non-tatting days!

  3. Non-tatting is necessary sometimes. I've been cleaning, reorganizing, and knitting just a little bit. I think you must still behaving lots of fun!

  4. What a wonderful feel to this post! Good for you - lots got done and very well too! Especially the addition to the veggie patch. Love it.

    Wonderful image of you and the tot on the couch. the expressions are lovely.
    Fox : )

  5. Such a fun post! I love your toilet-planter! ^_^

  6. You inspired me- I weeded the front and back gardens yesterday!
    I love the picture of you two reading.

    And that fabric is to die for!

  7. Got your comment.... Yup, gave away all the Cebelia and guess who was on line EARLY this morning, hot to buy some Finca #16 that I have been lusting after! Will it never end? Thanks for the comment.
    Fox ; ))


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