Monday, September 5, 2011

Marines and Baseball

Today we took the train to downtown Minneapolis to watch the Minnesota Twins play baseball.  Hubby, me, daughters and one boyfriend waited for the train.

We are Twins fans, but they are NOT doing well this year :(   However, today was a special Twins game for another reason.

Today, 24 new enlisted Marines were sworn in just before the Twins game in a pre-game ceremony.   This is significant to us because my brother-in-law was a member of the original "Twins Platoon", 150 new Marines sworn in at a Twins game in 1967 and whisked off to boot camp before the end of the 4th inning, and heading to Vietnam by Christmas.   The 24 new Marines are a "new" Twins Platoon.

My brother-in-law threw out the ceremonial first pitch after the swearing in of the new Marines.  There were 6 original Twins Platoon members honored there, and a moment of silence held for one that passed away just recently.

One of the original Twins Platoon members wrote a book (titled the same) a few years ago, and the group was honored at a Twins game we attended  back on their 40th anniversary in 2007.  It's very emotional - my brother-in-law was in some of the biggest and worst battles of Vietnam.  We are glad he's here and able to be honored all these years later, as well as welcome and encourage the new, young Marines.

There was a little teasing that the pitch might not make it to the plate, but when all was said and done, the pitch was in there!  My hubby (on the left) and his 'famous' brother enjoyed a few laughs during the game when the pressure was off.

And we enjoyed the rest of the game on a beautiful, sunny 70 degree day. 

The bottom of the 9th kept us hoping until the last out, but we lost.  Boo.

Then we hopped the rail and headed home.  Being silly, as usual.  Well, two of them were being silly.  Why do kids ALWAYS make faces in family pictures?  LOL.

All blessings to our soldiers everywhere.  We know your sacrifices.  Best wishes to the new Twins Platoon - we hope to see one of you throw out a ceremonial first pitch someday!


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day with some great memories! I'm a Cubs fan, and they haven't done well for... well let's not get into that. : )


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