Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Favorite Season

Fall is my favorite time of year.  As the green turns to brown and the flowers die away, I love how the leaves change color and transition us into cooler weather before we actually get snow.  I happen to love cool weather - a sweatshirt and jeans suits me just fine. 

This past Friday night, Ted and I went to Duluth, Minnesota.  We love Duluth, and love to see Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes.  A HUGE freshwater lake.  It's beautiful, yet terrifying depending on the weather.  We always visit the maritime museum, the lighthouse, and Canal Park.  We did some shopping and antiqueing, and then had lunch.

The lift bridge allows the large ships to come through - a popular sight for tourists with the shipping schedule posted on monitors to always know when the next ship will be passing through.

On Saturday, we headed way up to northern Minnesota to a State Park and another stay in a camper cabin.  We love the little cabins and the hiking in the parks.  Bear Head Lake State Park is about 120 miles from the Canadian border.  I love to pretend I'm a photographer and try for some good pictures.  Hubby is patient, but gets way ahead of me sometimes while I'm diddling around trying to get just the perfect shot.   No crafting, baking, sewing, or tatting.  Just the smell of fresh, fall air!  This is the rest of the weekend from my camera:

This glacial area makes for very rocky hiking!

The leaves are beginning to change

Tall Norway Pines

He thinks he's so funny . . .

These trees just intrigued me - orange, red and yellow all right together.
So beautiful.


  1. Glorious! I think MN tourism might be interested in some of these for sure!!
    I'm missing my tatting buddy...

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing the photos of autumn... one of the most wonderful seasons!!

  3. Great job with the pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I love fall, also, watching the colors change. I might have a few nature pictures on next week's blog - if I find time to go through them!


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