Sunday, October 2, 2011

Home-Ecky Becky

Yep.  I was recently dubbed Home-Ecky Becky.  With good reason, I guess :) 

I've only managed to eek out just this little bit of tatting.  Another "Flowers" bookmark from the Tatted Bookmarks book from Handy Hands. - one that I've tatted many times to keep on hand.

And it's still not finished - due to my Home-Eckiness. 

I've been trying to make items for a brunch-boutique my mom and I are planning for friends & family.  We'll have brunch and handmade items for sale, so I've been trying to come up with a few things I can make. 

I've made a few types of jam/jelly:

Am forever playing with photo programs and creating cards:

And have sewn a few towel-toppers.  Still finishing these:

Mom has been working on table toppers, aprons and bags.  I still have many things I want to do, but sometimes I just can't do it after work - my eyes will not cooperate.  (Or maybe it's my brain?)  Or maybe it's the visits from out-of-town friends, a wedding, an office move, and the usual laundry, cooking and cleaning that is slowing me down.   OK, maybe not the cleaning part so much . . .

And we stopped everything yesterday to go out for our 28th Wedding Anniversary dinner. Wow.  Doesn't seem like 28 years since that exciting day.  And we even still like eachother!

Back to my Home-Eckiness now.  Lasagna roll-ups for the whole gang this evening. 



  1. Looks like you've been having lots of fun!

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Keep up the wonderful home-eckinessness! You wear it well!

  3. Hey - you were first to comment on the tatting pattern giveaway. Congrats!!

    Please send me an email (tatmaster*at*tatterme*dot*com) and I'll send your pattern!

  4. még sok sok boldog évet! Gratulálok!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Sorry I'm so late on the well-wishes, I hope it was a great day. Isn't it great that you still like each other? Makes life soooo much easier! :)
    Good luck on your brunch/boutique. It sounds like fun (and a lot of work)

  6. Your bookmark is awesome in those colors!! :)


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