Monday, October 17, 2011

Orange Snowflakes

Weird, I know.  I had to try out this pattern - and orange just jumped out at me for a first draft.  All the Halloween talk and all :)

This is the Angels in the Snow pattern by Miranda (Tatting Fool) that I won on Lily's blog (The Eye Candy for Crafters) a couple of weeks ago. (Woo Hoo!)  I really liked the look of this pattern, and it tatted up very nicely.  I cringed a little bit when I realized it was SCMRs, but once I got started I realized what a great pattern this is to practice those buggers.  Now that I've tatted my practice snowflake, I can make a nice one in white.  Maybe even with beads :)  This is a wonderful pattern that I will make again - written nicely and easy to follow.  Thanks to Lily for the giveaway, and to Miranda for the pattern!

Some SCMR instructions can be found here: 

pdf by Jane Eborall
Video by Frivole

This is all the tatting I've managed to accomplish lately.  But I have oh, so many patterns on my list . . .


  1. Ooh, orange! I like it snd your scrs sre perfectt!

  2. I never would have though of orange for a snowflake. I LOVE it!

  3. Your snowflake looks great in orange - okay, it just looks great. I, too, like this pattern. It isn't as hard as one might think, works up nice and looks pretty, too.

  4. So cute with the little gourds! Perfect. I had to look at the picture a minute to see where the SCMR's were...ah-ha, now I see! That is really a wonderful design.

  5. Very nice!!

    I love orange, but never thought to tat with it - lol!!

    That's a great first attempt. Congrats!

  6. Love it in orange. Isn't it a great pattern? Plus, it looks different depending on the threads and is you add beads. This orange one would be fabulous with beads or/and different colour chains or... ah, it goes on and on. What fun!

    Lovely tatting.
    Fox : )

  7. p.s. I notice you are becoming very brave! Way to go!


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