Friday, December 16, 2011

Are YOU Enjoying the Season?

I love gathering with girlfriends to share decorating and crafting ideas.  I think I am the biggest crafter - I just want to make everything I see - from tatting to sewing to jewelry to home decor!  It's fun to be able to share with friends, yet appreciate all of our different tastes.  I am always the drip taking pictures - after asking permission of course - but my friends tolerate me :) 

It's a busy time of year, but it's so important to enjoy time with friends and family.  I really have to tell myself to quit worrying about what I "should" be doing, and enjoy the moments I can share with those people that are important in my life.

This week we shared a girl's evening of Christmas snacks and decorating talk  (I do more talking about it than actually decorating!)  and I thought I'd share a few pictures.  I love this look, but I know my home will never be this way.  I have too many projects going to get any specific "look", no matter how much I love it.

And that's just the front step so far . . .

I'm so doing this for our family Christmas gathering. 
 It's in the freezer now and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

I could sit here and read a good book or tat for hours.

Growing up visiting relatives on farms, I should be able
to get my hands on some chick feeders . . .

I love the neutrals in this living room.

And the antiques.

Happy Holidays!

I hope you are taking the time to slow down and cherish
every minute with family and friends.  I am!


  1. Lovely photos - great living room...
    Fox ; )

  2. I am enjoying the season! I don't have any friends or relatives in the area who are in to crafting, so I rely on pictures from my blog buddies to keep me inspired. You have not let me down!

    We're busy decorating in anticipation of the whole family being together for Christmas for the first time in 8 years! Dave has 20 Christmas trees up so far. I wonder how many there will be by the time everyone arrives? : )


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