Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bead Intimidation

I was procrastinating trying to add beads - why, I don't know.  I guess I was just a little intimidated by adding another step.  Remembering how to join, where to join, which join to use, and how many picots confuses me enough sometimes :)

This is why it's so nice to have tatting friends to tat with in person, and try new techniques. Michelle and her daughter and I met yesterday to tat, and we worked on the Mary Konior "Posy" as a wreath.  I asked Michelle for some help on adding beads, and she brought some beads and her bead spinner and got me started.  (That bead spinner is a worthwhile little tool if you use beads - I think I need to get one!) Once I got the hang of where to place the beads for this particular project, it was a piece of cake. I finally finished this cute little wreath tonite:

I'm so over being intimidated by beads! 


  1. That is gorgeous. I need to get some dark green tatting thread and make myself one!

  2. Looks gorgeous! Teresa is the one who blogged about this first!

  3. Great job! I started out tatting with beads so never really gave it much thought.

  4. Fabulous wreath! I really like the beads added to it! :)

  5. Yay, congrats!!

    Easy-peasy, huh?!

    Welcome to Tatting with Beads... it's addictive. You may find it difficult to turn back now.


  6. Your wreath is beautiful. I struggle with adding beads - never know what shuttle to wind them on!

    job well don

  7. Looks great in those colors. Those beads give it a nice sparkle.


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