Monday, May 28, 2012

Tatting with sewing thread?

Seriously.  I never thought I'd be able to tat with sewing thread, but here's my first try.  Wow - is that tiny!  Now to attach the tassel to the top - where it should be.  In all my excitement I didn't realize my mistake until I was done.  Oops.

Michelle and I met yesterday for some tatting - finally!  We've both been so crazy busy that we couldn't come up with a free day to tat until then.  Michelle shared some beautiful Oliver Twist machine embroidery thread with me, and I couldn't wait to try it.  I was pretty sure I'd have too many tiny knots to actually complete anything, but it actually went pretty well.  Fortunately, I didn't have to pick out any rings (which seems like it would be impossible!) but sewing in the ends was tricky - even with bifocals  :)


  1. That is really lovely...and tiny! Your tassel is very nicely done, glad I am not the only one who thinks tassels belong on the top though! I have seen them the other way, but it never seems quite right to me...

  2. Isn't tatting with thread fun? I feel so elegant when I use thread! ; )

    I think the tassel belongs at the top also. Who wants a book on the shelf with the tassel at the bottom? It looks so much better coming out of the top of the book... imho.

  3. It's pretty amazing that you did this tiny cross with sewing thread - and beautifully, too! I love this pattern (I believe it's Elizabeth Zipay's), and the tassel looks fine in that position (and is also nicely done!). Books with 'built-in' ribbons (Bibles) have the ribbon coming out the bottom, so it looks natural to me.

    Very nice Memorial Day post and photos, by the way.

    I also enjoyed finishing the 'introvert' article. I believe our tatting blogs prove that blogging is a great way to be 'alone' yet 'together', and great things are being accomplished! I'm glad I'm not out there in the business world anymore! Too much stress!!

  4. Great cross!!! :)
    Wow! Sewing thread??? I think I will stick to size 100 crochet cotton for small. :)

  5. I simply cannot believe this is your first attempt! Seriously, you must be gifted in the small-thread department! Looks great! (Perhaps another tiny-tat addict in the making??)
    Fox ; )

  6. Wow, sewing thread, never would I have thought it was sewing thread, it looks so small and perfect. Your eyes must be perfect to tat with e thread, a brilliant start on the smallest of thread.

  7. Glad to see another sewing thread tatter! I used to tat miniature laces for 1/12 dollhouses with silk sewing thread back in the 1980's. Try King Tut quilting thread, colors are gorgeous, but the multicolors change colors in the middle of the rings, not every few rings like variegated tatting thread. Sulky 30 wt thread is another great thread for tatting with, and the colors are equally gorgeous. Both quilting threads are slightly larger than DMC's now discontinued #150 Cordonnet Special, which I have several balls of. Haven't read all of your blog, have you tried tatting with embroidery thread? Anchor does not tat that well, fuzzes and is hard to pull up into a ring. DMC and Cosmo tat wonderfully, as does Weeks Dye Works. But they all pull apart if I try to tat with less than two strands of floss. Love your work! Keep tatting!


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