Saturday, May 5, 2012

Watching THEM Work!

Last fall, our staff moved to a temporary building while our office was to be remodeled.   It's now time for landscaping, which means we'll be moving back in soon - yay!  We are all crammed into this temporary location and getting to know eachother a little too well. (Fortunately, everyone is good about wearing their deodorant and brushing their teeth!)  I'm so anxious to move back to an office from the squished little cubicle work space I have now. With a pencil drawer that no one else has ever used! It's the simple things that excite me :)

Today was the day to plant trees and shrubs.  We had about 30 volunteer scouts, 4-H and high school students earning public service credit.  There were 4 master gardeners teaching the proper planting techniques, and earning their teaching hours as well.  Some of our staff was there to organize, run equipment, and serve up some hot dogs. 

It was a fun day, and we met some great kids along with some great parents.  It was chilly, but the rain held off for us.  We got some beautiful landscaping started, and everyone benefited!  It's nice to be a part of that kind of teamwork.

The next event has elementary and middle school aged volunteers to plant the perennial flowers and grasses.  I'm sorry I'll have to miss that - there always seems to be one "inquisitive" one in the elementary age group!  I can hear the questions already.


  1. Days like this can be fun even with all the work involved. Glad the weather cooperated.

  2. I am sure they learnt a lot and everyone had a great day, a brilliant idea using the children to plant the trees and teach them about trees.


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