Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hooray for NEW :)

I have NEW tatting patterns to enjoy and a NEW office to work in!  I love NEW.  Well, even USED but NEW to me is good.

I got three Julie Patterson e-books a couple of weeks ago, and spent a lot of time admiring the patterns and trying to decide what to tat.  I ended up choosing Petals from the Just Marking Tome book of bookmarks, and tatted it in some Tat-ilicious thread. 

I love this one.  I might have to keep it for ME.

Umintsuru tatted the variation of this pattern -also very pretty!  I see what she means about losing the flowers with variegated thread, but I think I like it better than a solid color. 

I've started on the Eye Spy bookmark now - another beauty from the book that Fox tatted also.  The other two Julie Patterson books are loaded with beautiful cross patterns - I haven't even begun to choose one of those yet.  I don't make too many crosses, but these patterns are just irresistible.

And FINALLY, our office renovation is done.  This week has been exhausting with the big move back - but hallelujah!  I no longer have to endure a cramped, inconvenient work space next to two conference rooms and a copier.  Not to mention right in the main path to the often visited bosses. 

I went from this for 9 months:

(notice how even though I have a window, it looks like I'm in a prison with that fence?)

to this:

. . . which has of course been outfitted with chairs and computer/scanner/printer equipment since this photo, and needs some further decorating.  No window, but the glass to the left of the door frame allows a little natural light in from the front window.  Hopefully I will be in this space for a long time.

AND, I am less than 30 days away from my first ever trip across the ocean.  I am heading to Finland to visit my high school exchange student friend .  We became very good friends back then, and have remained friends for . . . ahem . . . 30-some years.  I finally get to see her home, her workplace, meet her daughter and her parents, and experience the Finnish culture.  And maybe visit Estonia and Stockholm too.  A NEW adventure.  I am counting down the days!  I need to do a little research on any tatters or quilters that may be in Scandinavia. 



  1. Ohhh, I’ll bet there are lots of Tat-land residents in that neck of the woods!
    This sounds like so much fun! And new patterns to try out to boot! Life is good, eh?
    Fox : )

  2. p.s. That bookmark looks amazing! Nice tatting, Cindy.
    Fox : ))

  3. Absolutely LOVE this bookmrk! very pretty :) also the color you did it in is an excellent choice for this pattern, good job :)


  4. The thread is really perfect for this bookmark! Indeed you should keep it for yourself! Love the tassel, too!

    Gee, that window would really have been great if it weren't for that fence! Glad you like your new office, and your trip sounds exciting! It's amazing how quickly 30 years goes by!

  5. Beautiful bookmark, at last you have your new office, I hope you will be happy in it. I hope you enjoy your trip to Finland, not a country I have been to but i am sure you will enjoy seeing your friend again after all these years.

  6. Your bookmark is beautiful! I really need to start working on some bookmarks to use at school this coming year. The kids love seeing them!

    New work space can be exciting! I've been in my "new" work space for ten years now, and I still can't believe how lucky I am. Enjoy!

  7. That bookmark is great and I really like the way the variegation turned out in this one. Your new office looks marvelous, nothing like a new clean space to call home!
    I wonder if there's a tatter or two to hook up withh on your trip too, it's going to be so fun!

    And that tassel is perfect!

  8. Very pretty bookmark I like it.
    what fun, a new office, and not a new job, so you can concentrate on the decorating and arranging. what fun. did you know that Mark Meyer got a new office too and discovered a super man costume in his. he he.
    have fun on your trip, that sounds exciting. I know that there are several tatters in Sweden, and seems to me there are some I have heard about in Finland too. You might want to check with Jane E, she hears from many different tatters with the TIAS.

  9. What a great bookmark!! I love the colors!! :)


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