Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where is that Fairy Gardener?

Somehow, I ended up getting myself into much more gardening than I can handle.  I love to have perennial flowers in the yard, and see things come back year after year and multiply.  However . . . I do NOT enjoy weeding.  AT. ALL.  So it got away from me last year, and it's taken me until now to get it back under control. 

We've done a bit of new landscaping around the patio.  It was overgrown and looked like this a week ago, after we rebuilt the wall in back:

and now it's cleaned up to this, still in need of some finishing:

And there are now peonies on this side of the house instead of overgrown shrubs.  I hope they grow fast so we can enjoy some blooming soon.  (Miracle Gro, I need you.)

And this little flower bed took HOURS to get cleaned up.  A naughty little gopher came up in here and destroyed several perennials.  Between the gophers and the deer, maybe this garden is doomed. Now it looks in need of some new plants . . .

The vegetable garden has a clean start and a happy toilet.   It's still fairly early for the growing season here, so things are just getting started.  I can assure you, my family will be sick of the green beans and tomatoes that will come from this wimpy-looking garden!

And the daily inspection of clematis and hollyhock progress has begun.  I LOVE hollyhocks.

Along with inspection of trumpet vine, morning glories and sunflowers.  Hopefully my little obelisk will have some blooms to photograph later in the summer.

I just hate the weeding part.  (I need to buy stock in Preen!)

Yesterday it was 92F degrees in Minnesota, and today it will be the same.  Until the forecasted storms hit this evening to bring the temps back to reasonable 75-80's for the week, I will remain in the comfort of my air-conditioned home while the weeds grow again to laugh at me on my next inspection round.  I swear the weeds just like to hear me cuss.  I really do need a fairy gardener.


  1. Wow! What a lot of work it is to have a pretty garden to enjoy. You did a great job and I know it will all look fabulous a little later in the season - keep us posted!

  2. When you find a fairy will you find out if she has a sister, as my garden needs weeding, even though Vernon has retired and he kept saying he was going to sort the garden out, not a lot has happen, there are stil a lot of weeds, Our garden is ahead of yours, the peonys are flowering and the hollyhocks won't be long. The weather is cold here and again today it's raining at the moment, we had a lot of rain last week and it looks like another week of showers etc, our temps are around 15 to 18c.

    I love your toilet it's not everyone who has there own toilet in the garden, looks beautiful, I hope you will share some more photos again.


  3. your gardens look great, mine on the other hand sigh..... if you find the fairy gardener, please see if there is another sister or brother for me? thanks

  4. Oh pretty. Did tou see Judy's garden bed and bottlr tree. If not link here:
    I find weeding very therapeutic but I do not have a garden to weed.
    Enjoy the flowers!


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