Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still Enjoying Summer . . .

Contrary to popular belief, I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth :)  I've just been enjoying summer, my trip to Finland, and the catching up that comes with all of that enjoying life!

My trip to Finland was a wonderful visit with an old friend, meeting her family and experiencing the Finnish culture.  A sidetrip to Sweden was a fantastic cruise on the Baltic Sea, and thoughts of my ancestors while seeing just a small portion of the land they came from.  I find it truly inspiring to be immersed into another culture - a whole other world of language, food, and the many small things I take for granted.  I never thought I'd be watching the "Biggest Loser" with Finnish subtitles!  Or carrying around conversion charts in my pockets to figure out temperature and money.  And, I don't really love using military time on a regular basis.  I do, however, love a good sauna and a dip in the lake :)

Tatting tools were no problem on my flights - I had a small embroidery scissors, my Aero shuttles, and my hookpen in my carry-on, and had no raised eyebrows.  I thought I'd get more tatting done during the flights, but my eyes got tired fairly quickly.  I did get one bookmark completely done - one of my favorite bookmarks to make - from Jane in South Africa, with Lady Shuttlemaker's beautiful "Helm's Deep" HDT:

and got a start on this one - Flower Meadow - in Lizbeth Tropical Punch.


And here are a couple more photos from my trip:

A pretty crocheted way to cover bike spokes - as seen in a
Swedish museum representative of the 1700-1800's.
 Greetings from Stockholm!

My friend and I saying goodbye at the airport in 1978.

And my friend and I saying goodbye at the airport once more in 2012.
Aaawwww - it was so much fun to catch up!


  1. pretty bookmarks. looks like you had fun.

  2. Lovely bookmaker, I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to Finland and Sweden, you made me laugh about having to carry conversion charts in your pocket, it's nice to catch up with friends. You were very lucky to get though the security checks with a pair of sissors, it would not happen in the UK. We fly next week and I have to double check that I put everything on the list in my suitcase, the X-ray machines pick up everything, that should not be in the hand luggage.

  3. Lovely trip & lovely photos! The ones of you & your friend in 1978 & now are real treasures. Your bookmarks look beautiful!

  4. It sure seems like you've had a wonderful time this summer! I'm really impressed by those bicycle spokes. That must have taken ages to do, and I'm sure it was pretty uncomfortable to sit with a wheel plopped in front of the crocheter. I'm amazed at the way fiber artists express their creativity!

  5. LOVE those photos! Looks as if you had a marvellous time. Good!

    Very pretty tatting. I am surprised you got any done at all! - Well, not THAT surprised actually! : ))

  6. A WONDERFUL post! Loved all the photos! This had to be quite an emotional experience for you! What a great reunion for you and your friend (very special photo from 1978!), plus a poignant glimpse of your 'homeland'

    It's interesting to see what's allowed and not allowed on planes. Also love the bookmark. It will always remind you of the trip! And as Diane noted, the bicycle spokes are amazing!

  7. It's wonderful that you had such a great trip. I love the two pictures from the airport. And that bicycle wheel - wow! And to know that it would get dirty after all that work.

    I always think I'm going to get more tatting done on flights too but, like you, I always end up sleeping or talking to people instead. The flights I've been on haven't been nearly as long, though:)

    Thanks for sharing with us some of your trip.

  8. Great bookmark and it looks like you are off to a great start on another!!! :)


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