Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September? Really?

Wow!  It's September already!  The weather is cooling to more my liking, and I find myself in my Woman Cave more often again.
My tatting has taken somewhat of a back burner these days - only because I have too many things to try and never enough time.  I got this ONE earring done - BEFORE I left on my vacation to Finland.  I have every intention of whipping out the other earring because I like the neutral thread color with mauve/brown beads. This is the Tiger Eye Earrings pattern by Elizabeth Zipay found HERE.  I think I messed up already even though this is a wonderful, easy pattern.
My Dad recently gave me this stack of burlap bags - knowing I'd do SOMETHING with them.  He knows I like this kind of old stuff.
So, I got a little sidetracked from other projects already in the works, and decided to make a bag from the burlap.  Yep.  Another bag.  Certainly don't need one, but what the heck?  I have to keep up the "Bag Lady" image.  This bag is huge!  It will make a nice overnight bag, or a carry-a-lot bag to have on hand. 
It's just a standard square bag with a made-up handle because I'm sick of bags with two handles to get in the way.  I tend to like the sling-style bags, and the upcycling of old coffee bags is a popular look that I really like.
And, just when I'm back in the swing of things from my trip to Finland, I opened up the Sunday paper over the weekend and found the travel section boasting of Helsinki.  How ironic!

Usually I'm drooling over some exciting trip, but this time I could say "Hey!  I've been there!"


  1. Glad you're back safely and can now relax with your tatting. Nice job on the earring! And the bag is so cool! Looks like you have several more to make!

  2. Love the bag and the earrings are going to be very nice!

  3. welcome back
    Cute bag, and the earrings will be very pretty

  4. Oh, the earring is lovely! The colors of thread and beads are soothing. And those bags! Wow, they are wonderful-you are so talented! I hope you put them in your boutique this year!

  5. It's good to read a post from you again! I'm sure you'll love the earrings once you've finished them both. Your bags are wonderful!

    It looks like my next trip to Minnesota will be at Christmas-time. Maybe I'll be around for a special tatting get-together! ;-)

  6. Those bags look great! What a wonderful idea! I found you when you were in Finland & looked forward to reading more of your blog : )


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