Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fair Trade for Tatting?

Mom & I were chatting one day a couple of weeks ago, and she mentioned that she has several small lap quilts/wallhangings that she's made as samples for her local quilt shop.  She didn't know what she would do with them - you know, you can only just have so many.  "Ha!" I said, "I'll take 'em.  I'll just trade you some tatting!" 

Well, I was really only kidding.  It's hardly a fair deal to trade her beautiful quilts, no matter how small, for some of my tatting!  Really.  Look at these perfectly even little stitches:

She does such beautiful work.  In any case, when my youngest returned home from a visit with Grandma, guess what she brought with her?  Sheesh!  A bargain, indeed.

I'm not sure that any tatting I could produce would be a fair trade for these beauties!  Snowflakes, perhaps?  A doily or two?  Coasters?  Pillowcases or towels with tatted edgings?  Hhhhhmmmmm.  Probably all of those things!  Any suggestions?


  1. A certain especially gorgeous tat-along lace mat when it's done?

    It is beautiful quilting and her colors are lovely.

  2. I've seen your tatting, and it is perfect! Your mom's quilts are stunning... any chance I could persuade her to fair trade with me? ;-)

  3. any piece of art or object is only worth what someone is willing to give for it, and if she is willing to trade the quilts for your beautiful tatting, then yes, it is worth it, you love the quilting, she loves the tatting, now you just decide on which pieces and it is all squared :) she may find the quilting to be easy to do, where as you find the tatting to do :)

    it is all good sweetie :)

  4. Your mother does beautiful quilting. I agree with Bree, if you both agree on it, it's a fair trade. We want to see what you end of making/giving for them :-)

  5. Those wall hangings are GORGEOUS and I am green with envy over the perfectly even stitches. Can I be adopted (along with Diane)?!? (*grins*)

    Looking forward to see the tatting side of the trade.


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