Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Lace Mat - Round 3

This Lace Mat Tat-Along is taking me forever - but I'm really loving the process and the pattern, and I think it's turning out quite nicely!  I'm anxious to get working on the 4th round now - hopefully there is tatting time in my weekend future :) 
I've been taking my time and trying not to rush to the finish. Rushing is a bad habit, and takes away the enjoyment of working on a pretty piece.  I see so many tatters making so many beautiful things, and I admit it - I'm jealous of those who can sit down and whip up a motif or a pair of earrings in no time.  Someday I will be able to do that, but for now I'm working on it in spare moments here and there, and those "spare" moments are few and far between lately.  My blog reader and Pinterest have me admiring projects far more than working on them!
For tonite, I'm enjoying a glass of wine and admiring my progress.  Yep.  No tatting, just admiration for small accomplishments.

In addition to reading blogs and surfing Pinterest projects, THIS 5 lb. book:
on a boring very informative subject has been keeping me somewhat entertained occupied.  And tonite we moved from the subject of History to more current public works topics - which means I was relieved of toting this monster around.  Whew!  Haven't been to school in (ahem) several years, so my old brain is pretty stretched.  Another full day of brain enhancing tomorrow, so the Tat-Along project will have to wait for some spare moments yet again. 


  1. I like your Lace Mat, those are pretty colors together.
    I hope you are enjoying your book. I will not be joining you in reading that one. Sorry. I take it you do something with public works at your day job.

  2. Looking good so far,
    Lovely colours

  3. I hope to post my complete lace mat on my blog tomorrow. It is by far the biggest piece I've made so far. I am looking forward to a couple of days without tatting!
    Your mat looks very nice and you're so right not to rush it.

  4. I do like the colors you're using. My progress is even slower... I've only completed round one. I need to concentrate on snowflakes for my mom's fundraiser until the end of October, then I can shift gears!

  5. Beautiful colours and lovely mat, but it is your literary display that grabbed my interest! Scintillating.
    Fox ; ))

  6. Your lace mat is looking wonderful. I particularly like your picture of the mat and glass of wine, very nice. And I, too, would need to be fortified with wine to do such heavy reading :-)

  7. You lace mat is so elegant!! :)
    I think that taking your time adds to the elegance!! :)


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