Sunday, November 11, 2012

Aerolit (AERLIT) Testing [and Junk]

Dang it!  I keep wanting to call these aerolits - but I know they are AERLITs.  So I am correcting my spelling errors.  Ugh.  I'm usually quite observant about spelling . . .

I couldn't resist a couple of those new Aerlit shuttles, and I've been testing them out a little bit today. I'm working on another snowflake at the moment - more on that when I get it completed.

As far as the Aerlits, they are nice and clicky, and smooth to hold in the hand.  I am used to LaCossette's modified shuttles though, so that tail seems a little in the way.  The hook is a bit longer too, so I've been catching it on my thread.  I think it's just going to take a little getting used to - and I love all the colors.  I'll have to tat a bit more to get a feel for whether or not I really like these shuttles.  

Junk Update

Remember this old frame I picked up a week or two ago?

My main goal today was to get this frame turned into the jewelry frame I wanted.

With some help from the Mister, I attached some chicken wire. Then, I painted the whole thing a more light tan/taupe color than the original white.  The idea was to get the chicken wire painted the same color as the wall I want to hang it on, so the chicken wire doesn't show up quite so glaringly.  I also painted some little "s" hooks the same color.  Once that paint was dry, I rubbed on some black paint to give it a little more of an antique look. We currently have taupe colored walls and black accents in our room where I will be hanging the frame.  The corner carving detail certainly shows up better.

Ta Da!  The final product. I love it!  
This will work just fine :)


  1. Very nice. I like what you did with the frame to bring out the carving.
    One of the take a long projects I carry with me is several lengths of simple edging that I will be mounting in a frame to use for the same purpose, holding all my earrings. I hadn't thought of using chicken wire as a backer. will have to think about that as it would give more support to the 15" of edgings going across the frame. Thanks for the idea.

  2. That's SO clever over the frame and wire. I must try that for my vast collection of earwigs too. You will get used to the Aerlit shuttles in time as you'll keep remembering that the end is SO useful for putting the bobbin on to wind thread!!! It took me a while when I 'transferred' myself from Milwards to Aero shuttles. Also you could try holding it another way round too - that may help.

  3. I love your jewelry frame! The new paint job certainly brings out the details.

  4. What a neat jewelry display frame!! :)

  5. So creative. Wonderful result!

    Fox : )

  6. I haven't yet tried the new Aerlit shuttles, I am so used to using the Clover shuttles I have a hard time switching to the other style. Not saying I won't get some, though:-) Love what you've done with the frame! The carving detail shows up beautifully. I've heard of putting chicken wire behind to hold jewelry but wasn't sure I liked the look, but you have convinced me it's a really good idea.


Thanks for your thoughts - I read and appreciate every one!