Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Funny Collections

Back to the contents of the old boxes of "stuff" my aunt gave me.  What an interesting mix of collections.  My aunt had these in her closet, and she knew I would have fun digging in them and enjoy looking at the old items. 

First of all, I really love the old boxes.  I wish I could think of something unique to do with them besides admire them.

This was a nice, intact piece in with the other things. A long dresser scarf maybe, or a table runner.  This is about 19 inches wide, and 4-1/2 feet long, with this beautiful work on each end.  

I'm hoping for a little help from my lace blogging friends.  Is this pulled thread work? I can't imagine doing this, but it's quite unique and interesting to me. 

There is just this one little spot that is ruined.  

I'm wondering if I could cut this end of the runner off, and then cut this little section of lace off (it's near one edge).  It would make a nice little cloth piece with a pretty edge to hang off of a shelf.  The remaining length of the piece still has the other pretty lace end on it.  If I hemmed the cut end, I could wear it as a scarf.  I'd rather do something useful with it than pack it away.

The cigar box is empty, but it's a nice sturdy box.  What should I store in there?

The box from the toilet soap is full of buttons, hooks, and old garter (!!) pieces.  My aunt was not sure where she got these or who the original owner was, but whoever owned this collection was quite the re-purposer! Geez - I thought I was bad.  I will have to sift through these and determine my next step . . .

More contents another day.  
Will I ever get my sewing room clean?

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  1. Looks like you will be occupied for several months to come, great finds


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