Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two Months In . . .

. . . and I still have many UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) and/or WIPs (Works-In-Progress).  So much for cleaning those up before starting anything new!  I don't know why I always think things will be different 'this' year.  I guess it's not as important when they get done as it is to enjoy the doing.

So, along with the TIAS and the burlap bags, I've puttered with other projects that piqued my interest.  Like, wine bottles.  Specifically, drilling holes in them to make lamps by stuffing Christmas light strings into them.  One needs a drill bit for glass and a little bit of patience, and voila!  [This is a good reason to choose wine by how cool the bottle is, no?]

I find that when I use the short strings of lights, it's a perfect fit in the bottle without extra lights trailing to the floor, but then difficult to plug in with such a short cord.  I would like to add a longer cord with a little push-button switch on them - then they'd be perfect!  Poor Ted.  You should see the look on his face whenever I say "I have an idea . . ."  or "Hey, look at this!  Do you think we could do this?"   Ha.  [He sometimes answers with "we, or me?"] I don't think he enjoys the crafting much, but he's a good sport to make me happy.

And then there's the Beanie Baby project.  I've been cutting beanie babies in half to make small baby blankets with very soft minky fabric and flannel.  Pictures of that project later.

Another project is a small assortment of tatted crosses for mom, who never asks for anything but gave me those beautiful quilts back HERE.  Remember that trade?  Tatting for quilts.  I'm in!  Here's the first of 5 crosses completed in the past couple of weeks:

Jan Stawasz Krzyz
Tatted Treasures
From the Tatted Treasures book, this pretty little cross in size 20 white cebelia thread, with a spiral tail.  Diane has tatted this pattern a couple of times using doodads for the center to make crosses that would be beautiful framed - see them HERE and HERE.

I really enjoyed tatting various crosses - there are so many beautiful patterns out there!


  1. The wine bottle is beautiful and so is the cross but I got very distracted by the "cutting beanie babies in half"!

    What on earth!!??

    1. Hehe. Halves of the beanie on opposite corners of a small, square blanket. Perfect for a little one to haul around both the blanket AND the stuffed animal :)

  2. I had never seen the wine bottle with lights before, that is interesting.
    I like that cross, very elegant.

  3. Cool wine bottle! I'll leave those to you... I have way too many crafts going on right now. ;-)

    Cutting Beanie Babies in half... this I have to see! I don't think daughter Joanne will let me dispose of her Beanie Babies. I think I have to see this finished project!

    I love the cross. I think it may be my favorite cross pattern, especially now that I have the name right!

  4. Love your wine bottle light. I keep telling myself I'm going to do this but never do. I've even had some pretty cool looking bottles to try but never did anything with them.
    Beautiful cross book mark. It never hurts to have a few around for that special type of gift. I'm with you on the color effecting my choice of doing a pattern or not - colors can really change the look of a piece.


Thanks for your thoughts - I read and appreciate every one!