Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Opening Day at the County Fair

I made it to the fairgrounds early to open up this morning.  It was a beautiful morning, mid-70's F and sunny.  It's kinda quiet when nothing is opened up yet, but there is a buzz of exhibitors setting up and getting last minute things in place.

I've never been there for the opening ceremonies before.  It was nice to see all the veterans there for the flag raising.  Even though I knew these gentlemen were there, I still jumped when they fired those guns in the air.

I think I could've tasted something from about every food vendor there - but I refrained.  I only had 2 things :)  Besides.  I'm working again on Saturday.  Another opportunity.  Dole Whip.  Poutine.  Fries.  Nothing healthy.

I love seeing all the kiddos.  Is this little guy adorable or what?

Horse and sheep judging was going on during the morning.  If I hadn't had to be in my own booth, I would have loved to have gotten some pictures of the judging rings.  Love the cowboy boots with shorts - quite popular attire.

And I was able to sneak over to the Creative Arts building for a peek at the tatting.  I was so happy to see that there were more entries than in the past.  Still only a few, but tatting is alive and well!  

And I was especially happy to see that I not only got a blue ribbon for my doily, but the purple Sweepstakes (judge's choice) as well! That means a lot - it's given for an outstanding entry, strictly an optional ribbon for the judges to award.  

I also entered this Flowering Quatrain Bookmark in the "Other Tatted Articles" class.  Yay!  Thanks to Frivole for a beautiful pattern.

Maybe I should start now on next year's entries so I don't have to tat a marathon again!  


  1. Wooo Hooo!! Good Job! The doily is superb! I'm so glad the judges recognized that. Congratulations on both wins.

  2. Oh wow! Oh how wonderful!!! THat's so exciting and super! I'm glad the judge recognized your beautiful, outstanding, amazing, amazing doily!!!!
    (Thinking of changing my look to the cowboy boots/shorts look.)

  3. YAY!!! Congratulations on both wins and, of course, the Sweepstakes ribbon! Both items are attractive representations of tatted lace, and will hopefully generate interest in tatting!

    I now see how you can easily check up on the exhibits! I missed the part about your working a booth there! I always enjoyed visiting the fairs in our area, but it's difficult to avoid the unhealthy food! They display all those healthy veggies in the exhibition hall, but most of the food served is fried!

  4. Congratulations!! Not only the Blue Ribbon, but the Judges' Choice as well? That is just awesome! You deserve it, my dear, because the doily is perfection. How exciting!!

  5. Congratulations on both wins, all your hard work paid off, well done.

  6. Wow! How fabulous is that! Congratulations, Cindy.
    Fox : )

  7. Congrats!!! It was all worth it in the end, right?! :) And it's better than running an actual marathon, because you get to eat bad-for-you food while you enjoy your ribbons! :)

  8. Congratulations!! All your hard work was well worth it. Looks as though you had fun at the fair too.

  9. Yeah! Congratulations...very very excited for you! It's such fun to win a ribbon :-)

  10. Nothing like a picture of tatted doily at a state fair looks great congratulations what a day thanks for sharing. I started a blog and would like you to check it out if you got the time, it's called "Carollyn's tatting blog" I think I sold you a shuttle once with a bluebird on it did I (off of eBay)? any way I love the name of your site love blue birds have a family of them that nests in my yard.

  11. Congratulations!! Those are wonderful and very deserving!! :)

  12. Congrats to you! Makes me want to enter something in our fair next year.


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