Friday, September 6, 2013

Funny for Me

It's a busy time of year I guess.  I put the trellis doily aside for now, and have been enjoying this last bit of summer. (I know what's coming weather-wise in Minnesota!)

A trip to the farmers market last weekend got me hooked into canning some tomato-vegetable soup.  It's kind of funny for me - I'm not crazy about cooking meals, but I love to make soups and jams to can for the winter.  To think my grandmas canned to have food on the table during the winter months, and I do it for "fun".  They were some smart, organized women.

One evening this week was spent with some friends boating on the Mississippi River.  Funny,  I'm not a big water-recreation person either, but what a beautiful way to spend an evening in nice weather. 

And one last funny.  I picked up my doily from the Minnesota State Fair (yahoo, 2nd Place!) without ever attending the dang fair while it was going on.  It was just toooooo hot for this Scandihoovian to consider wandering around the fairgrounds standing in lines to get any food or see ANYTHING.  Seriously, there were heat advisories.  Air-conditioning for this big baby.

I also have a new iPhone, so I'm playing with apps and trying to get everything synced.  Technology is wonderful, but ooh, what a deadly time-sucker.  I love it.

Now, I'm not sure what this next week will bring, but if it's nice outside, I will be enjoying it before the temps turn COLD and I'm in for the winter!  My autumn sunflowers are beautiful. 


  1. You should make cards with that sunflower! Wow!

  2. That flower photo - superb!

  3. Congratulations on your fair ribbon! I would have stayed in the air conditioning also... hate the heat! I love making soup, but I've never tried canning it. We probably have it once a week once the weather turns cool.

  4. Congratulations on your fair win! I've never seen a sunflower that colour, it's beautiful. It's satisfying to have a row of jars all full and ready to go into the cupboard!


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