Friday, September 20, 2013

Life's Been Good . . .

. . . to me so far!   Not to mention BUSY.  No time to tat, read, sew or a dang thing, so I'm a Witchy Woman.  But we did go to the "History of the Eagles" concert this week - a gift in celebration of the 30th wedding anniversary with The Best of My Love.  I LOVE the Eagles.  It brings back so many memories of high school days - back to Life in the Fast Lane.

Now we're old, so we Take it Easy. Definitely not the New Kid in Town anymore.  But, it's a Peaceful, Easy Feeling to know that Love Will Keep Us Alive. 

Ok, enough.  Music is really in my soul, and I've been getting my music organized and doing plenty of singing along lately.  It really has been a busy month, and I can put those ear buds in and really escape with my favorite music.  I've even found that I walk on a treadmill better with good music on rather than watching the tube.  I've been doing some reading on stress/anxiety relief, and when I read about escaping with music for awhile, it hit home.  It's not surprising, really, I've always found great comfort in the music I choose to listen to.  I think I've just gotten away from it somewhat over the years of raising kids. But listening to music that I loved as a teenager makes me realize what an escape it was even back then. A calming escape.  Maybe that's part of the appeal of the music from those young days.  People say those days are carefree, but I think being a teenager is very stressful, and music is just one way to escape.

I can't believe we are almost through September already.  I've put the Trellis doily away for now, and have a few more booked weekends before I will get back to any projects.  Showers, weddings, state park trips and other gatherings have us on The Long Run until mid-October.  

I am Desperado to have some free time One of These Nights.


  1. On The Border of madness, as I tat away, I read your blog and am going to follow your lead and relax to the tunes because In The Long Run, I’ll Get Over It. As The Last Resort, I might have to turn to Dylan!

    You Are Not Alone - I love them!

    A Certain Kind of Fool, Fox : ))

  2. I was humming along with you as I read your post :-) For a lot of us music is the passage back to the place we were before.
    OK, now I have the urge to listen to some of these songs


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