Monday, December 2, 2013

Did You Vote?

Even though I haven't gotten much blogging OR tatting done lately, I DID get a couple of things entered in the Tatting Corner Show and Tell Contest.  I could really use more thread, patterns and shuttles, couldn't you?  Hope you entered something, and If you haven't voted, go vote!  There are many beautiful entries.    Vote here:

I was also saddened to see the loss of Jan Stawasz.  His patterns are such a wonderful contribution to the tatting world.  I'm glad I have his latest book!

Just spent a fun week with Mom while the men were deer hunting - we did our usual shopping, eating out and shopping some more.  By the time we sat down long enough to do any handwork, we were too tired to do it!  A fun week in any case, but now it's back to work, Christmas decorating, and lefse making!  I can't believe it's December already

And, it snowed today.  Slippery-heavy-awful-to-drive-in stuff. Slid right past my street on the way home from work and had to go around the block, all while hearing sirens on their way to an accident nearby.  No shopping or trip to the gym tonite, no sir.  Not leaving the house again.  

I should probably tat or something  ;)


  1. I have voted,
    Snow no thank you, it's getting colder in the UK just hope we don't see the white stuff before Saturday as I have another craft fair that last this year,

  2. Sounds like a fun week! I hope it was! Our drive wasn't as bad but slow, not looking forward to tonight though..

  3. No snow here yet, but I will use your snow as an excuse to tat tonight!


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