Friday, November 15, 2013

Not what I saw in my head . . .

I loved the Cranberry Bush Lizbeth thread - beautiful Christmas colors!

I loved the photo on Pinterest of this pretty edging to try.

I can make a pretty ornament, I said.

OK, so it's not as pretty as what I saw in my head.  Dang it.

It seemed like a ring at the top with 16 rings would be way too squished, so I made half.  I thought it would be easy to figure it out, but easy = boring ?  

Must. Try. Again.


  1. The edging IS attractive, and you've sectioned the ball off nicely! For some bling I would add a bead with a pin in each of those open sections, with a metallic embellishment, such as a small doodad (with a center hole for the pin to go through), at the base of the pin. Pins with gold or pearl heads are a nice finishing touch, although common pins can be used also.

  2. It might not be what you saw in your head, but it is beautiful!


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