Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We continue to have a yard full of tiny little frogs.  This little guy joined me at our bonfire the other night.  I kicked him off my chair when I realized he was frighteningly close to my HAIR . . .

I went in the house for a few minutes, and when I came back - he was there again!  Persistent little bugger.


  1. Not quite as cute as Kermit- especially if he was that close!!!

    How's the thumb?

  2. Haven't seen these little fellows since I was about 6 years old! We lived by a stream and that year there were hundreds of them. I used to play with them all day - poor things! : ))

  3. Better him close than a spider. And, hay, maybe he was eating mosquitoes? Though I wouldn't want him in my hair either.


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