Saturday, September 6, 2014


A relief! Though the cortisone injection hurt like a bugger, I am able to use my thumb again and get back to putzing around with the things I like to do.  (Not to mention perform my paid JOB a bit more comfortably as well!) It's amazing how much one can miss the thumb.

While I was unable to tat or sew or write, I read a few good books. I have been keeping track of the books I read on 'GoodReads', per Fox's suggestion. (Thanks, Fox!)  I do read more than I thought, so it's been a good way to keep track. I have also gotten a book club started with high school friends - lots of good book reviews and suggestions there as well.

I have never been much on audiobooks, but now that I can tat again, I've finished my first one.  A long drive to visit my folks prompted me to try again, and when I got home, I found that listening to a book while tatting was so productive!  The process to burn the required 8 CDs so I could listen in the car seemed like it took forever.  Then when I got home and had 5 more CDs to listen to, I chuckled about the fact that I had no CD player to listen to in the house, and moved the book to my phone so I could listen on the bluetooth speaker. Technology.  I have a book I'm reading from a cloud library on my iPad, and listened to an audiobook from my phone while tatting.  Crazy! But I just love technology and the things I can do with it.

So, I've FINALLY had a chance to try out a simple pattern in the 'New Tatting' book by Tomoko Morimoto - the book I've had since the end of July.   Three more little motifs and an edge, and this will be a coaster.  I like this simple, colorful little dive back into productivity :)


  1. I'm glad the cortisone shot worked for you! I've been thinking about getting one in my foot for plantar fasciitis, but I'm such a chicken when it comes to needles. So instead, I limp around most of the day, hoping that the discomfort (sometimes actual pain) will just go away. Luckily for me, my pain forces me to sit! So I wonder why I'm getting so little tatting done?

  2. So happy that you are able to tat again, but reading or listening to books is another treat, wll in my eyes!! And ears!!

  3. Great post and even greater tatting! Glad to see you again! Watch you don't overuse that thumb. My only experience with tendonitis (elbow) taught me that rest is really critical.

  4. So glad that your thumb is feeling a bit better but as Fox said.... don't overdo it or you'll be right back where you started! I had to get "the shot" in my wrist a couple of years ago and I still watch it or it starts to act up again ... when it does, a couple days of light use does the trick. I have just recently discovered (thanks to my daughter!) audio books and they are the next best thing to sliced bread! It is so had to find time to sit and 'hold' a book, though I love them dearly. With the audio books on my Touch I don't have to choose between reading and tatting in what spare time I have.

  5. Those are beautiful motifs!!! :)


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