Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Will I Listen to Me?

I was thinking I learned a lesson.  I always wait too long, and then regret not having some snowflakes or Christmas ornaments done for the holidays.   You know, to throw in cards or on top of gifts.  Soooo, I decided I'd make some snowflakes throughout the year this year.  I never seem to have much time to get much tatting done, so smaller motifs are perfect.  AND, I found some ornament hooks on clearance at Target, so that was a little motivation too.  (Doesn't take much to excite me . . . )

So, my January accomplishment is TWO snowflakes.  I know, compared to most of the bloggers I follow, this is nothing.  N O T H I N G .  But, it's two more than I had in December.


I love Jon's patterns.  I like having the written pattern AND the diagram to follow.  I am just not happy with how mine never seem to look as symmetrical as they should.  But I realize most people will never notice that - just me.  

Did I learn a lesson?  Yes - try to make a few snowflakes and ornaments all year long.  Will I listen to me?  I dunno.  I saw somewhere today that Renulek is starting another spring doily tat-along.  I'm thinking about trying that . . .


  1. I’m chuckling! So far so good! Maybe Renulek; maybe a few more snowflakes. It t doesn’t matter; it’s all tatting and you’re doing it! : ))

  2. Congratulations on getting a few done! They look good. I agree with Fox, it's tatting and you are doing it! Keep up the good work! Good luck on the tat-along :-)

  3. Very pretty!
    maybe those MN tatters will join you...

  4. Two is better than none! Just think, if you tat two each month, you'll have 24 new snowflakes for Christmas next year!

  5. Good start to the year anyway, hooray. I love your remark, doesn't take much to excite me!

  6. Both snowflakes are beautiful! Good idea to tat them now.


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