Sunday, February 1, 2015

WIOSNA 2015 Doily-Rounds 1 & 2

I didn't listen to me after all.  (I knew I wouldn't.)  I went and started Renulek's 2015 Spring Doily tat along - another beautiful doily!  I've seen her doily tat alongs in the past, and never caught one at the first couple of rounds, so I wasn't confident I could catch up. This one I happened to see just as it was announced, and thoroughly enjoyed digging in all my thread to choose some springy colors.  My best spring color choices were in Lizbeth Size 20 - which is probably too big - but it's what I'm using.  I may have a skirt when I'm done!

People usually ask how long something took me to make, and I never know just how much time I've put into a tatted item or a quilt. So this time I decided I'm going to keep track.  This may not be a great idea, as I am a   s  l  o  w   tatter!  But it will be interesting to see the number of hours it takes me to complete a doily.  And it will also be very clear why I struggle with finishing anything of size.

Round 1 took me 2 hours and 5 minutes. Each of 2 times.  (This is not a good sign.)  I made it a second time because I saw an error near the end of the round on the first one.  I didn't want to start out with a goof right off the bat and right in the center!  Don't tell me if you see any errors in the second one - I am feeling pretty confident at this point.

Round 2 took me a whopping 3 hours and 5 minutes.  Just once though - thankfully.  A little advice from Fox helped me get started, after having several conversations with myself as to the best way to start so the end of the round would come out correctly.  Maybe working on this doily will help me to 'see' some things on a diagram that always seem frustrating without written direction.

5 hours and 10 minutes to get this little bit done. And, I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't make the picots on the outer edge a little larger.  

I sure hope I can keep up as these rounds get bigger!

Ruby is unimpressed.


  1. She has the same disturbing look as Gian wears when he studies me with, shall we say, unmitigated disgust, when I am preoccupied with shuttles and thread. Disconcerting isn’t it? Ahhh, what do THEY know!!! : ))

    1. Ha! She even sighs as she comfortably plops into her disgust.

  2. Haha, I'm right with you...I'm also a very slow tatter! I won't dare go near this tat-along, as I already have two large pieces that remain incomplete. Yours is looking good so far, and your time measurements are right about where mine would be :)

  3. I'm afraid to keep track of the time... I might get discouraged! It's looking great so far!

    1. I can't imagine YOU getting discouraged ;)

  4. I should do this too. Wonder if I could. 5 hours already? Yow. I'd better stick to snowflakes and maybe a heart.
    Ruby is beautiful!


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